TFF Sweden - Subject: U.S. de-stabilisation of Macedonia. Prelude to intervention?

Ecco, qui c'e' ancora un'altra fonte, questo e' di Transnational Foundation
for Peace and Future Research, basata in Svezia (per chi ha presente Johan
Galtung, di solito gravita qui).

Io non l'ho ancora letto, ma sembrava interessante.



From: TFF Sweden <TFF at>
Subject: U.S. de-stabilisation of Macedonia. Prelude to intervention?

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 T F F   P r e s s I n f >o   1 2 2                                 
                                               June 10, 2001

 S E V E R A L   U . S .   P O L I C I E S   F O R   M A C E D O N I A   M
A K E   U P   O N E   D E - S T A B I L I S A T I O N   P O L I C Y .
 A   P R E L U D E   T O   M I L I T A R Y   I N T E R V E N T I O N ?  
  By Jan Oberg, TFF director

 Why does the U.S. both support and condemn the Albanian UCK/NLA? What is
the larger picture? How is Macedonia de-stabilised by the West? Is apparent
confusion a deliberate strategy? Why could an unstable Macedonia be in the
interest of Western powers? How would it relate to Kosovo and Serbia? Is
the US and the EU ad odds again? Is CIA rearing its ugly head again? And
why should one not be surprised if the US/NATO takes military action soon,
casting the Macedonian government in the image of Milosevic?
 Read this comprehensive analysis on
   PressInfo 123, soon to come, will present proposals as to what can be done.
 Until then, you may read what TFF wrote about preventing war in Macedonia
about two years ago:
 Your ideas for peace in Macedonia wanted (1999)
 A Bouquet of peace ideas to Macedonia...and Kosovo (1999)

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