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Yugoslavia wants DU use tried as war crime

Yugoslavia wants DU use tried as war crime (The Independent,
19 gennaio 2001)

The Independent
19 January 2001
Yugoslavia wants DU use tried as war crime


By Vesna Peric Zimonjic in Belgrade

The Yugoslav President, Vojislav Kostunica, announced
yesterday that he would meet the chief prosecutor of the UN war
crimes tribunal next week to discuss Nato's use of depleted
uranium shells as a war crime against civilians.

Mr Kostunica explained that his change of mind about meeting
the UN prosecutor Carla del Ponte was prompted by the depleted
uranium (DU) issue. "Finally the lies on the use of DU became
public and that was the first reason why I changed my mind
about seeing Ms del Ponte.This is a serious case for The Hague
tribunal," he said.

The president shares the view of many Serbs that Nato's use of
depleted uranium-capped shells in its 1999 conflict with Belgrade
over Kosovo should be investigated as a war crime. He had until
now refused to meet Ms Del Ponte, who is to travel to Belgrade
next week to discuss prosecuting indicted war criminals,
including the former president, Slobodan Milosevic.

Mr Kostunica expects Ms Del Ponte to hand over secret sealed
indictments of suspects. The Yugoslav President said he would
reveal the names on the indictments, "as the public has every
right to know them".

So far, Serbians have only been told that the tribunal has
accused Mr Milosevic and four aides of war crimes in Kosovo,
while several others have been indicted for their role in the
Bosnian and Croatian wars.

Commento: i criminali vanno processati TUTTI.

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