(Please excuse getting this again and again if you have in fact already
signed. If you did, many thanks! This is for those who have not signed.)

Dear NGO, Parliamentarian, or Prominent Person,

So far over 200 organisations,  including 8 members of the Australian
Parliament and seven members of the European Parliament have signed this
letter, which asks governments worldwide at the coming review conference of
the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) (April 24-May 19), to press for
the fulfilment of Article VI of the NPT. Article VI asks that the nuclear
weapons states negotiate away their nuclear weapons stockpiles. Article VI
has been in force since 1970, and in 1996 the International Court of
Justice reaffirmed that it does indeed create a legal obligation.

Yet little progress has been made in implementing it, and current trends
are negative.

If you/your organisation think that the NPT is worth keeping and that
nuclear weapons are not worth keeping, I urge you to sign this letter, by
emailing me at:

<nonukes at foesyd.org.au>

John Hallam,
Nuclear Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Sydney,  Australia.

+1-202-456-2461, 1-202-456-2883, 1-202-456-6218, 1-202-456-6201

+7-095-205-4330, +7-095-206-5173,
+7-095-247-2722, +7-095-293-3323

PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR, (UK) +44-171-925-0918







Dear Heads of State, Foreign Ministers, and Ambassadors,

The undersigned organizations, representing many millions of deeply
concerned people worldwide, are writing to you regarding the  Review
Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) at the United
Nations in New York,  April 24-May 19, 2000. This meeting has crucial
implications not only for NPT member states, but also for non-member
states, especially India,  Pakistan and Israel.

We believe the 2000 Review Conference could and should be a catalyst in
breaking the deadlock in the nuclear disarmament arena. It represents an
opportunity to make real progress toward nuclear disarmament, and nuclear
weapons abolition, which is essential to the achievement of common security
based on human and ecological values and respect for international
institutions and law. Failure in this regard could lead to the unraveling
of the NPT regime.

This is exactly opposite to the wishes and expectations of the majority of
the people of the world. It is clear from recent polls, that the
overwhelming majority of the world's people expect no less than immediate
commencement of multilateral negotiations leading to the elimination of
nuclear weapons through a global treaty in fulfillment of Article VI.

Crucial to the outcome of this Review Conference will be the extent to
which the nuclear weapon states are willing to act on their unambiguous
legal obligation and commitment to the elimination of their nuclear weapons
as called for by Article VI, which states:
"Each of the parties to the treaty undertakes to pursue negotiations in
good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms
race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament, and on a treaty on
general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international

Since the 1995 Review and Extension Conference, the importance of Article
VI and the NPT itself has been reinforced by the International Court of
Justice (ICJ),   which concluded unanimously in its 1996 Advisory Opinion
"there exists an obligation to pursue in good faith and bring to a
conclusion negotiations leading to nuclear disarmament in all its aspects
under strict and effective international control"

While some progress has been achieved over the last decade in the reduction
of the total number of nuclear weapons deployed by the nuclear weapon
states, these states maintain their commitment to highly dangerous nuclear
military doctrines as a cornerstone of their defence and security policy,
some for the indefinite future. Progress on fulfilling Article VI
obligations is thus stalled, and the development of new nuclear dangers is

The following developments represent a growing peril that challenges
international and human security, and to which NPT states parties and
especially nuclear states must respond creatively:

--Ten years after the end of the Cold War, over 30,000 nuclear weapons
remain worldwide, and India and Pakistan have both tested nuclear weapons.

--Though UN and European Parliament  resolutions have drawn attention to
the Article VI obligations and to the ICJ Advisory Opinion, NATO has
jeopardized the NPT by its re-affirmation in April 1999 that nuclear
weapons are 'essential' to its security. While the NATO nuclear policy
review is welcome, it is preempted and undercut by this reaffirmation.

-- The US and Russia failed to respond to worldwide pressure to de- alert
by December 1999, and each maintain over 2000 nuclear warheads on permanent
'launch on warning' status. This continues in spite of the incorporation of
de-alerting into the 1996 recommendations of the Canberra Commission, into
two resolutions  passed by massive majorities in the UN General Assembly in
1998, and again in 1999, and a unanimous resolution of the European
Parliament of November 18,  1999.

--Key states have failed to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
(CTBT), opened for signature in 1996.  The US Senate in October 1999  voted
down ratification, in spite of the nearly unanimous endorsement of that
treaty by the international community and overwhelming US public support
for nuclear disarmament and the CTBT.

--The clear aim of the CTBT is to constrain weapons development:  yet the
US, Russia, and other nuclear states still proceed with the development of
new nuclear weapon types and modifications in computer-simulated 'virtual
reality', with the aid of sub-critical underground nuclear testing, which
undermines both the spirit and purpose of the treaty. In particular, US
activities at the National Ignition Facility and the French Megajoule laser
project enable further weapons development.

--In 2000, the US may decide to deploy a National Ballistic Missile Defence
(NMD) system which would violate the existing Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
of 1972, which is fundamental to the existing strategic arms restraints
between the United States and Russia. NMD deployment could set back
progress on Article VI objectives for years to come.

--Presidential Decision Directive 60 has reaffirmed US use of nuclear
weapons as a 'cornerstone' of its security policy. Meanwhile, Russia has
steadily moved toward a more ready use of nuclear weapons in recent years.
The potential dangers in this are extreme.

In light of the above developments, lack of progress on Article VI
obligations poses the increasing danger that some non-nuclear states will
conclude that it is in their interests to acquire nuclear weapons, while
those that have already tested them will proceed to further weaponisation
and expansion of their arsenals.

A positive and creative response to the above, and commitment and
leadership on behalf of both human life and all other life is urgently

Of critical importance in addressing the currently unacceptable situation
are interim measures such as de-alerting,  and the removal of weapons from
delivery systems, aimed at decreasing the possibility of accidental nuclear
war and at increasing mutual trust and establishing a momentum toward
nuclear weapons elimination.

NPT states parties should resolve,  as a first step,  that all nuclear
forces be immediately stood down from high alert status.

We urge all  nuclear weapons states leaders, and all NPT Review
participants, as a matter of the highest priority and urgency, as well as a
clear legal obligation, to take action to complete unfinished disarmament
objectives and to begin urgent negotiations toward a treaty to eliminate
nuclear weapons.

Immediate steps (both in the CD and other fora)  must be taken by the
nuclear states that will lead clearly and swiftly toward negotiations in
fulfillment of Article VI.

You, as a world leader,  have the fate of the world  in your hands during
these discussions.  We therefore  strongly urge you to attend this review
conference, as you have the authority to commence negotiations to eliminate
nuclear weapons.  By doing so, you can to alter the course of history and
leave a legacy of a more secure future for this generation and for those to
come. Failure to do so risks a revived nuclear arms race that ultimately
could destroy civilization.


(International Organizations)

Maj-Britt Theorin, MEP, President, Kate Dewes, Vice-President,
International Peace Bureau,  Geneva,
Bruna Nota, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, (WILPF),
Ian Maddocks (Chair), Dr. Mary Wynne-Asford, Co-President,  Merav Datan,
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW),
Cambridge, Mass,
Bernice Boermans, Executive Director, International Association of Lawyers
Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA), The Hague, Netherlands,
William Peden, Stephanie Mills, Disarmament Campaign, Greenpeace
International, Canonbury Villas, London, UK.,
Dan Plesch, Director, British-American Security Information Council,
London/Washington, UK/US,
Rosalie Bertell, GNSH., President, International Institute of Concern for
Public Health, Toronto, Canada,
Peer de Rijk.,World Information Service on Energy.(WISE) International,
Amsterdam, Netherlands.,

Commander Robert Green, RN (Retd.), Chair, World Court Project, UK,
Dave Knight, Chair, CND, UK.,
Janet Bloomfield, former chair CND, Saffron Walden Group Against Nuclear
Weapons, England,
Di Mc Donald., Nuclear Information Service., Southampton, UK.,
Liz Waterson, Douglas Holdstock,  MEDACT (IPPNW- UK)., Lond., UK,
Anni Rainbow, Lindis Percy, Campaign for the Accountability of US Bases,
Yorkshire, UK.,
Margaret Turner, WILPF-UK.,
Jenny Maxwell, West Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Birmingham.,
Glen Lee, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, UK.,
Angie Zelter, Environment and Peace Campaigner, Cromer, Norfolk, UK.,
Dr. George Farebrother, Sussex Alliance for Nuclear Disarmament, UK,
Allan Cottey, International Week of Science and Peace, Norwich, UK.,

Xanthe Hall, IPPNW Germany, Berlin,
Bernd Frieboese (Berlin), Ole von Uexkull (Lund), Barsebacksoffensiv,
Claus Biegert, Nuclear-Free Future Award., Munich, Germany.,
Roland Blach, Non-Violent Action to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Germany.,
Ulf Panzer, District Court Judge, Judges and Prosecutors for Peace,
Hamburg, Germany.,
Regina Hagen, Darmstaedter Friedensforum, Darmstadt, Germany.,
Henning Droege, Arzt fur Allgemeinmedizin, Allgau, Germany.,
Hans-Peter Richter, German Peace Council.,

Josef Puehringer, Plattform Gegen Atomgefahr, Austria.,
Josef Puehringer, Centrum-Energie Ceske Budejovice(Czech Republic)
Josef Puehringer, Buergerinitiative Umweltschutz, (Czech Republic)
Hienz Stockinger, Chair, PLAGE., (Platform Gegen Atomgefahren), Salzburg,
Mathilde Halla, Chair, Uberpartlielice Platform Gegen Atomgefahren, Linz,
Matthias Reichl, Centre for Encounters and Active Non-Violence, Bad Ischl,
Dr. Hildegard Faessler, Chairwoman, International Week of Science and
Peace, Innsbruck, Austria.,
Dr. Hildegard Zlabinger, Chairwoman, Eco-Ontological System for Human
Rights and Environmental Protection.,
Bernadette Koechl, Council of Eco-ontological Systems for Human Rights and
Environmental Protection.,

Malla Kantola, Committee of 100, Helsinki, Finland,
Laura Lodenius, Peace Union of Finland, Helsinki, Finland,
Ulla Lehtinen, First Peoples, Finland.,
Lea Launokari, Women for Peace, Finland.,
Pirkko Lindberg, Women Against Nuclear Power, Finland.,
Lea Rantanen, Grandmothers Against Nuclear Power, Finland.,
Anita Hagman, Grandmothers for Peace, Finland.,
Anna-Liisa Mattsoff, No More Nuclear Power Movement, Finland.,

Claudia Behrens, Norwegian Green Party,
Bjorn Hilt, Norske Leger Mot Atomkrieg, (IPPNW Norway) Trondhiem, Norway.,
Gunnar Westberg, President, Vendela Englund Burnett, SLMK (IPPNW
affilliate) Goteborg, Sweden,
Aungiira Aurel Duta, For Mother Earth Romania,
Fundatia Pentru Partenariat Comunitar., Romania,

Solange Fernex, President, WILPF France, Paris, France,
Daniel Durand, National Secy., Mouvement de la Paix, Paris France.,
Harsh Kapoor, South Asians Against Nukes, Combaillaux, France.,

Ak Malten, Global Anti Nuclear Alliance, The Hague, Netherlands.,
Krista Van Velzen, Socialist Party, Netherlands.,
Berrie Kollau, Stichting Vredesbureau Eindhoven (Peace Office Foundation
Eindhoven), Netherlands.,

Pol D'Huyvetter, For Mother Earth International, Ghent, Belgium.,

Vladimir Slivyak, Alexey Yablokov., Social-Ecological Union, Moscow, Russia,
Vera Brovkina, Chair, St Petersburg Peace Council, Russia.
Boris Bondarenko, IPPNW-Russia, St Petersburg Russia.,
Oleg Bodrov, Chair, 'Green World', Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Oblast, Russia,
Andrey Sukhnev, Ecotourism Centre, Lake Baikal, Russia,
Dr. Vyacheslav Sharov, Chelyabinsk-Hanford Project, Chelyabinsk, Russia.,
Alisa Nikoulina, Antinuclear Campaign in Ex-USSR., Moscow, Russia.,
Natalia Raghouzhina, Centre for Public Health, Novosibirsk, Russia.,
Elena Perfilyeva, Ecological Information Agency, Novokuznetsk, Russia,
Larisa Gurova, Movement for Ecological Safety, Ozersk, Russia,
Nadezhda Kutepova, Regional Social-Ecological Organisation 'HOPE', Ozersk,
Aleksey Kozlov, Civil Initiatives Development Centre, Voronezh, Russia,

Alla Shevchuk, Odessa Social-Ecological Union, Odessa, Ukraine.,
Dr. Lado Mirianashvili., Director, 'Udabno' fund, Georgia.,
Alexey Svetikov, Zelenyi Zvit, Severodonetsk, Ukraine.,

Dr. Caroline Lucas, MEP, Greens,UK, European Parliament,
Hiltrud Breyer, MEP., Greens, Germany, European Parliament,  Brussels,
Gorka Knorr Borrass, MEP,  European Parliament, Brussells,
Pierre Jonkheer, MEP, Greens Group Belgium, European Parliament, Brussels,
Patsy Sörensen Member of The European Parliament, Greens Group,
Rolf Linkohr, MEP, Germany, Social-Democrats.,
Maj-Britt-Theorin, MEP, Social Democrats, Sweden (as President IPB)

Hiroshi Taka, Secy. General, Japan Council Against A and H-Bombs (Japan
Iwamatsu Shigetoshi, Chair, Japan Congress Against A and H-Bombs,
(Gensuikin), Tokyo, Japan.,
Steve Leeper, Transnet, Hiroshima, Japan.,
Hiro Umebayashi, International Coordinator, Pacific Campaign for
Disarmament and Security, Yokohama, Japan.,
Nichigu Asanga, (Buddhist Monk), Peace Office, Tokyo.,

Aditi Chowdhury, Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (ARENA), Hong
Jong Won, National Secy., Green Korea United, South Korea.,

S.P. Udayakumar, South Asian Community Centre for Education and Research,
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India.,
Thomas Matthew, SEEDS-India, Punnakadu, Kerala
Sukla Sen, EKTA, Santacruz, Mumbai,
Ammu Abraham, Womens Centre, Mumbai, India.,

M.W. Faruque, for:
--Society for Legal Rights, Dhaka, Bangladesh,
--Youth Approach to Development and Cooperation Dhaka, Bangladesh,
--Bangladesh Campaign to Ban Landmines
--Bangabandhu Gabeshana & Pathgar Parishad, Dhaka, Bangladesh.,
--Bangabandhu Srimte Sangsad, Bashurhat, Noahkhali, Berhampur, Bangladesh.,
--Muktijoddah Jadhurgar (Liberation War Museum), Dhaka, Bangladesh,
--Bangabandhu Research Organization,
--Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Dhaka, Bangladesh.,
--Bashurhat Club, Noahkhali,
--Thikana Sambaya Samiti.,
--Suganda Sanskritik Kendra
--Institute for Comprehensive Healthcare, Research, and Rehabilitation of
Addicts and Psychopaths, Dhaka, Bangladesh.,
Dr. M.A. Bari, Integrated Child Health Organization, Dhaka, Bangladesh.,

Asif Rasheed, Executive Director., Awami Committee for Development, Multan,
Ramesh Man Tuladhar, Centre for Community Development and Environment
Research., Kathmandhu, Nepal.,

Nouri Abdul Razak Hussain, Secretary-General, Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity
Organisation, Egypt,
Harley, WALHI-SULTENG, (Indonesian Forum for Development),
Ron Mc Coy, Malaysian Physicians Against Nuclear War, (IPPNW Malaysian
Affiliate), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.,
Cora Fabros, Secy. General, Nuclear- Free Phillipines Coalition,
Roy Cabonegro, Youth For Sustainable Development Phillipines,
(YSDA-Pilipinas)  Quezon City, Phillipines,
Julia Grace, LIHUE Association, Patagonia, Argentina.,
Luis Guttierez., President, Latin American Circle for International
Studies., Mexico City, Mexico.,
Ayesha Imam, Baobab for Womens Rights, Nigeria.,
Dr. Jenks Okwari, Program Officer, Community Development Project., Bukuru,
Jos, Nigeria.,
Diana Nyonyinotono, Single Mothers Association, Uganda.,
Jean-Clautaire Frerys Pouele, Earth Action Congo., Brazzaville, Republique
du Congo,

Marylia Kelley, Tri-Valley CARES, Livermore, Calif,
Alice Slater, Global Resource and Action Centre for the Environment,
(GRACE) New York,
Carah Ong, Abolition-2000, Santa Barbara, Calif.,
David Krieger, President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Santa Barbara, Calif,
Jackie Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation,
Ellen Thomas, Proposition One Committee, Washington DC, USA.,
Bob Musil, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility, (IPPNW
USA), Washington DC.,
Rear-Admiral Eugene J. Carrol Jr, USN(Retd),  Deputy Director, Centre for
Defence Information,(CDI), Washington DC, US.,
John Burroughs, Executive Director, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy,
(LCNP) N.Y., USA.,
Gordon S. Clark, Executive Director, Peace Action USA, UN Plaza, NY, USA.,
Paxus Calta, Board member, International Campaigner, Nuclear Information
and Research Service, (NIRS) Washington, DC.,
Charles Ferguson, Director, Nuclear Policy Project., Federation of American
Bill Smirnow, Nuclear-Free New York/Y2K WASH., Huntingdon, NY.,

Richard N. Salvador, Pacific Islands Association of NGOs, Honolulu, Hawaii,
Donald C. Whitmore, President, Third Millenium Foundation, US.,
Joe Katz, President, Women's Action for New Directions (WAND), Metro
Detroit, USA.,
Dana L. Richter PhD, Copper Country Peace Alliance, Houghton, Mich, USA.,
Troy Davis, President, World Citizen Foundation, Harvard, USA.,
Alastair Millar, Fourth Freedom Forum, Washington DC., USA.,

Bob Kinsey, Chair, Peace and Justice Task Force, United Church of Christ,
Rocky Mountain Conference, Colorado, USA.,
Steve Ito, United Church of Christ Justice and Peace Ministry Coordinator,
Ryan Kurakawa, Office for Church in Society, United Church of Christ, USA.,
Howard W. Hallman, Chair, Methodists United for Peace and
Justice.,Washington, DC.,
Rosemary Everett, Sisters of the Holy Name., Justice and Peace Coordinator.,
Mary Ellen Gordeck, SSJ., Office of Peace and Justice, Sisters of St
Joseph, Nazareth, MI., USA.,
Vivienne E. Perkins, Christ Church Episcopal., Castle Rock, Colorado., USA.,
Joe Volk, National Secy, Friends Committee on National Legislation.,
Washington, DC.,

Michele Bisonette Robbins, Executive Director, Youth for Environment and
Sanity (YES), Soquel, Ca, USA.,
Ruth Garbus, Director, New York Women of Vision and Action., NY., USA.,
Shiela Blaker, Blaine Metcalf, War Resisters League, San Luis Obispo, CA.,
Harvey Wasserman, Citizens Protecting Ohio.,
Bruce K. Gagnon., Coordinator., Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear
Power In Space., Florida USA.,
Letitcia Aguilar, Inter American Development Bank.,
Loren Finkelstien, Program Director, Free The Planet.,
Andrew Beath, Earthways Foundation, Malibu., Calif.,
Mary JoChristian,Monmouth County Citizens for Clean Air and Water.,
Phyllis S. Yingling., WILPF- US., Philadelphia., USA.,
Jan Harwood, Celia Freeman, Don Larkin, Harriet Blue, Paul Blue, Elena
Leland, Marilyn Lucier, Lilly Litsky, Alice Davis, Committee of Santa Cruz,
CA Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Santa Cruz, CA.,
Anne Anderson, Coordinator, Psychologists for Social Responsibility.,
Rochelle Beckers., San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace., Calif., USA.,
Jay Coghlan, Nuclear Watch of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM., USA.,
Greg Mello, Los Alamos Study Group.,(LASG) Santa Fe, NM., USA.,
Jim Morgan, ARC-Peace, International Architects, Designers, and Planners
for Social Responsibility, NY., USA.,
Marsha Feinland, Chair, California Peace and Freedom Party,
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan, Project EDNA, (Engaged Democracy for the Nuclear
Age), NY., USA.,
Patricia Birnie, GE Stockholders Alliance for a Sustainable Nuclear-Free
Future, USA.,
Betty Schroeder, Arizona Safe Energy Coalition, Ariz, USA.,
Norm Cohen, Unplug Salem Campaign,
Susan Shaer, Executive Director, Womens Action for New Directions,
Arlington, MA.,
Prof Dennis Brutus, Co-President, Jubilee-2000 Afrika, Univ of Pittsburg, USA.,

Bill Blaikie, MP, (Winnipeg-Transcona), House Leader, New Democratic Party,
Barbara Birkett,M.D.,President, Physicians  for Global Survival (Canada),
Gordon Edwards PhD, President, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear
Responsibility, Montreal, Canada,
Bev Delong, President, Lawyers for Social Responsibility, Canada.,
Michael Murphy, Inter-Church Uranium Educational Cooperative, Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan, Canada,
Archdeacon Jim Boyles, General Secretary, Synod, Anglican Church of Canada,
Prof. L. Terrell-Gardner, Past President, Science for Peace, Univ. of
Toronto, Canada,
Tryna Booth, Canadian Peace Alliance, Toronto, Canada.,
Joyce Lydiard, Rainforest Raging Grannies,  Vancouver, Canada.,
Desmond Berghofer, Institute for Ethical Leadership, Vancouver, Canada.,
Dave Greenfield, New Green Alliance, Saskatchewan, Canada.,
Linda Murphy, President, Interchurch Uranium Committee, Saskatchewan, Canada.,
Jo Hayward-Haines., Victoria Peace Project., Ontario, Canada.,
Penelope Simons, The Simons Foundation, Canada.,
Victor Lau, Green Campus Society, Canada.,
Macha Mc Kay, Chair, Nuclear Issues, Carolyn Langdon, Co-Chair, Canadian
Voice of Women for Peace,

Kate Dewes, Director, Disarmament and Security Centre, Christchurch,
Marion Hancock, Coordinator, Peace Foundation Aotearoa/NZ, Auckland, NZ.,
Marion Hancock, Abolition2000, Auckland, NZ.,
Megan Hutching, Secy., WILPF, Aotearoa, (NZ).,

Peter Garrett, President, Dave Sweeney, Nuclear Campaigner, Australian
Conservation Foundation, Fitzroy, (Melb) Vic., Australia.,
Reverend John Mavor, President.,The Uniting Church in Australia, National
Irene Gale AM, Babs Fuller- Quinn, Australian Peace Committee,
Dr. Susan Wareham President MAPW (Medical Association for Prevention of
War) Canberra, Australia,
Chris White, Secretary, South Australian Trades and Labour Council,
Adelaide, SA.,
Rev Greg  Thompson,  St Johns Anglican Darlinghurst.
Rev. Ray Richmond, Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross,
Denis Doherty, Pax Christi Sydney.,
Moira Rowland, Convenor, Campaign for a Nuclear-Free Future, Canberra.,
Cameron Edwards, People for Nuclear Disarmament NSW.,
Hannah Middleton, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign, Sydney.,
Kirsten Blair, Mark Wakeham, Coordinators, Environment Centre of the
Northern Territory,
Rowena, Environment Centre of W.A., Perth, W.A.,
Graeme Daniell, People for Nuclear Disarmament W.A.,
Jo Vallentine, Community Anti-Nuclear Network, W.A.,
Jo Vallentine, Anti-Nuclear Alliance, W.A.,
Jo Vallentine, Perth Anti-Nuclear Group.,
Grant Keady, Scientists and Technologists Against Nuclear Dumping, W.A.,
Bruce Nichols, Shine A Light for Peace Campaign.,

Senator Meg Lees,Democrat Senator for South Australia, Leader, Australian
Senator Vicki Bourne, Australian Democrats Senator for New South Wales,
Senator Bob Brown, Greens Senator for Tasmania,
Senator George Campbell, ALP Senator for NSW.,
Dr. Carmen Lawrence, MP, ALP Member for Fremantle, W.A.,
Jill Hall, MP, ALP Member for, Shortland, NSW.,
Daryl Melham MP, ALP  Member for Banks, NSW., Aust.,
Anthony Albanese, ALP Member for Grayndler, NSW., ALP.,
Robin Geraghty, ALP  Member for Torrens, SA., Aust.,
Richard Jones MLC.,(Ind) NSW.,

Ricardo Navarro, Chair, Friends of the Earth International
Ricardo Navarro, Friends of the Earth El Salvador.,
Dr. Patrick Green, Senior Nuclear and Climate Campaigner, Friends of the
Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland, London, UK.,
Dr. Victor Khazan, Friends of the Earth Ukraine (Zelenyi Zvit),
Prof. Vladimir Koklyukhin, Friends of the Earth Belarus, Brest, Belarus.,
Manana Kochladze, Friends of the Earth Georgia/CEE Bankwatch Georgia,
Dr. Maria Minkova, 'Ekoglasnost', Friends of the Earth Bulgaria, Sofia,
Jan Beranek, Chair, Friends of the Earth Czech Republic (Hnuti Duha) Brno,
Czech Republic,
Diderich Johny, LIFE-Luxembourg (Youth Friends of the Earth Luxembourg)
Kika Kapela, Friends of the Earth Cyprus,
Wendy Johnson, Friends of the Earth New Zealand,
John Hallam, Nuclear Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Australia (Sydney)

John Hallam
Friends of the Earth Sydney,
17 Lord Street, Newtown, NSW, Australia, 2042
Fax (61)(2)9517-3902  ph (61)(2)9517-3903
nonukes at foesyd.org.au