Special Attention

Dear Friends and Activists,

    	 Please allow me to introduce you to Abolition 2000, a global
network comprised
of more than 1420 organizations in 90 countries calling for a treaty to
eliminate nuclear
weapons.  At the 1995 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review and Extension
Conference where, frustrated by the resolve of the nuclear weapons states
to maintain their arsenals, a few activists and concerned individuals had a
vision.  That vision of a more secure and livable world, free from the
threat of nuclear weapons, was the foundation for the international
movement that became known as the Abolition 2000 Network.  Now, more than
ever before, the work of Abolition 2000 is vital to ensure a more secure
and livable world for our children, grandchildren and all future
generations.  We cannot succeed without your help.

	At our Annual General Meeting held at the Hague Appeal for Peace in
May 1999, we agreed that the year 2000 poses a critical challenge for the
Network.  To preserve the integrity of the Abolition 2000 name and to
continue the vital work of the Global network, members have committed to
increasing Network membership to at least 2000 organizations by the start
of the Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference in April.  We will also make
Abolition 2000 attendance and presence known at the NPT conference.  Help
make the number of supporting groups climb to over 2,000 by joining us in
our endeavors!

   	Also, please take the following actions to support Abolition 2000.
You or your organization may wish to focus on these activities during the
week of March 1-8, which the Network has designated as International
Abolition Days:

1.  Enroll one or more new organizations in the Abolition 2000 Global
2.  Circulate the Abolition 2000 International Petition.  By gathering
signatures, you can raise awareness about nuclear weapons.  Petitions will
be delivered at the NPT Conference.
3.  Gather the names of Downwinders and Indigenous Peoples directly
affected by the nuclear legacy to be used in a large non-violent
demonstration at the United Nations during the NPT.   Please email
A2000 at silcom.com for more information.
4.  Write a letter to your head of state and urge him/her to attend the
NPT.  Visit the Abolition 2000 website for backround information and a
sample letter at Http://www.abolition2000.org.
5.  Donate to further the efforts of the Global Network.  Please help the
network sustain its very important work of eliminating the nuclear threat
that has caused so much human suffering and environmental degredation.

    	 I would like to personally invite you to sign and endorse the
Abolition 2000 statement.  If you would like to receive more information,
please feel free to contact me or visit our website at
Http://www.abolition2000.org.  I look forward to hearing from you.

My best wishes to you in our common endeavor to create a more just and
secure world.

Yours In Peace,
Carah Lynn Ong

Carah Lynn Ong
Coordinator, Abolition 2000
1187 Coast Village Road PMB 121, Suite 1
Santa Barbara CA 93108

Phone (805) 965 3443  FAX(805) 568 0466
Email: A2000 at silcom.com
Website http://www.abolition2000.org

Join the Abolition-USA or Abolition-Global Caucus list serve to regularly
receive updates about the Abolition movement.  Both caucus' also provide a
forum for conversation on nuclear-related issues as well as they are used
to post important articles and information pertaining to nuclear abolition.

To subscribe to the Abolition Global Caucus, please do one of the following:

1. Send a message to the list moderator at A2000 at silcom.com

2. Visit the Abolition-caucus website at:
Http://www.egroups.com/list/abolition-caucus/ and submit a membership form.

3. Visit the Abolition 2000 website and submit a membership form.

4. Send an e-mail to:  abolition-caucus-subscribe at egroups.com  (leave the
subject line and body of the message blank).

To post a message to the Abolition Global Caucus, send your message to:

abolition-caucus at egroups.com

To subscribe to the Abolition-USA listerve, send a message (with no
subject) to:
abolition-usa-request at lists.xmission.com
In the body of the message, write:
"subscribe abolition-usa" (do not include quotation marks)

To post a message to the Abolition-USA list, mail your message to:
 abolition-usa at lists.xmission.com