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I am forwarding a plea for help from Mexico.  Since this is an international
group, maybe there are some groups that are close and can lend a hand.  It
seems there is so much injustice right now and things are spread pretty
thin, but even prayers help.
Karen Revell

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Chiapas Poised for Genocide
A Time of Urgency


On the eve of the presidential elections in Mexico the situation in the
State of Chiapas has grown to a critical juncture. Military and
paramilitary forces are setting the stage for a final showdown with the
rebellious Zapatista movement. The time is now and the result of any armed
conflict will be genocidal for the indigenous people of Chiapas.

For this reason the members of "Zapatistas Online" are sending out this
urgent call to unity with other activist communities throughout the world.
Though our particular "issues" may differ, the idealism and values which we
hold true are consistent. Chiapas is a mirror and a real time example of
the misguided policies of free trade and globalization. Millions of
indigenous people practicing a traditional lifestyle are threatened not
only with change, but, with cultural extinction. The government of Mexico
offers them a choice between global economic slavery or death.

Events in the conflict are escalating on a daily basis now. The analysts
both in Mexico and in the USA fear the worst is about to happen. A Ruling
party victory, whether legitimate or by the historical use of electoral
fraud, in the presidential elections will be taken by the government as a
rubber stamp for war against the indigenous of Chiapas.

We need your help and we need it now. Though there are many pressing issues
throughout the world, Chiapas is now at the critical moment. We are asking
for two things from the activist communities worldwide.

First: Letter writing campaigns to your local and national news media and
governments condemning the actions of the Mexican government and asking for
international pressure to remove the military from Chiapas.

Second: Preparations for a massive emergency protest in the event that open
war does break out.

Again, the situation in Chiapas is critical. Murder, assassination,
intimidation, torture and other violations of the human rights of a
minority ethnic group taking are now taking place daily and escalating in
seriousness and quantity as well.

Please join us in raising a gigantic wall of protest in support of the
rights of the indigenous people of Chiapas Mexico.

Zapatistas Online

Zapatistas Online meets at zo-en at deliberate.com, an email list. The English
language messages from the chiapas95 at eco.utexas.edu edited news list come
into our list. We discuss the news, look for ideas, encourage street
action, and issue proclamations. We make our decisions by formal democracy,
following the democratic ideals the Zapatistas defend.

Help us to be a Voice.
Join us by sending the message "subscribe zo-en" to
majordomo at deliberate.com.


Conflict in Chiapas: Understanding the Modern Mayan World
by Worth H. Weller, Ben Weller (Photographer), Julia Weller (Photographer)
$16.95, Paperback, March 1, 2000

Rebellion in Chiapas : An Historical Reader
by John Womack (Editor)
$14.36, Paperback , March 1999

Voices from Exile : Violence and Survival in Modern Maya History
by Victor Montejo
$18.17, Hardcover, October 1999



On December 22, 1997, 45 unarmed Maya people, mostly women and children,
were gunned down with automatic weapons by a group of 50 to 60
"paramilitary" thugs in the village of Acteal. The situation in Chiapas is
tragic and complex - do not be fooled by the Mexican government's attempts
to confuse the issue by calling this a "family feud". This is not a
conflict between various Maya villages. Since the massacre, the Mexican
army has been building up troops in Chiapas. Their explanation is that they
are there to protect the Indians. But after reading the reports listed
here, you will know differently



Maya Death in Chiapas, A Poem
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3/24/99 New Mexican appointee in Washington tied to paramilitary massacre
1/31/98 More Deaths
1/30/98 120 More Expelled From their Homes by Paramilitary
1/29/98 Paramilitary Terrorism Continues
1/21/98 Letter From an Observer
1/16/98 Report on Chiapas by the Human Bean Company,
by Kerry Appel, Director
12/17/97 Report from the National Coalition for Democracy in Mexico
What Is The Reason For This Situation?
Some Personal Observations on the Reasons Behind the Events in Chiapas
by Jeeni Criscenzo
Analysis & History of Chiapas Situation
Nuevo Amanecer Press
Letter to the Economist
by John Warnock
The Financial Connection
National Commission for Democracy in Mexico
Global Outrage Against "The Globalizers of Misery"
SOA - The "School of Assassins"
- Your Taxes Pay For It!
Support Senator Joseph Kennedy's Effort to Close the SOA
1/15/98 Major Blair's Letter to Clinton concerning the SOA Protesters
1/20/98 28 SOA Protesters Go Before Hangin' Judge
If you want to know more details on the extent of US involvement in this
horrible human rights atrocity, visit this web site:
Other Relevant Information
1/18/96 San Andres Accords: Joint Proposals which the Federal Government
and the EZLN
Support Links
SPAN/--Strategic Pastoral Action: CIEPAC maps of Chiapas; Mapas por CIEPAC
de Chiapas
IFCO Background - Pastors for Peace
Chiapas 95
NetWarriors 1999
SIPAZ: International Service for Peace - Fram...
Food For Chiapas Online
The Mayan Relief Fund
Standoff In Chiapas
Slippery Slope: U.S. Military Moves Into Mexico
EZLN Communique in Response to the Massacre in Chenalho
Complicity of Mexican Government
Fifth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle
Info on Chiapas and the EZLN
Emergency Delegation to Chiapas

E-Mail to: jeeni at criscenzo.com
©Copyright 1997-2000 Jeeni Criscenzo


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