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Afghan Diseases Attributed To American Uranium Bombs
Nov 24, 2002
Source: Islam News

As a result of large number of chemical weapons used by the Americans in their campaign in Afghanistan, hundreds of Afghans near the Safayed Koh (White Mountain) area in southern Nangahar and villages around Tora Bora have been severely hit with diseases of the skin, respiratory system and lungs as well as stomach diseases and coughs.

According to news from the area, last year during November and December, the Americans bombarded the renowned Jihad centre of Tora Bora with a huge number of bombs, cruise missiles and chemical weapons which have casued the diseases the residents of the area are now experiencing. In Jalalabad, a doctor working for World Health Organization said after examining some of these patients that in the coming two to three months, deaths are expected to rise as a result of chemicals and uranium used in bombs which hit the area.

While protesting against these diseases, locals have started to think about migrating away from the area however patients in the Shami area, Paktia province have been found to have the same diseases. America used hundreds of bombs in Shah-i-Kot and Paktia last year that contained uranium that contained four hundred times more Uranium than the bombs used in Iraq during the Gulf war. Medical experts predict that these affects would be felt for a long time.

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