Land Day 2009: Reham Alhelsi - They can't take that away from me

To commemorate Land Day in Palestine, Palestine Think Tank offers its readers the first of a series of three articles by Reham Alhelsi. The first one, "They Can't Take That Away From Me" compares the memories stimulated by a return to one's beloved home after a short absence and the reality before ones eyes. In so little time, so much has changed, for the worse, and how important it is to realise that there is little time left to save the land of Palestine from the ruthlessness of the settlers and the ugly devastation of Israeli urban planners. The essay is accompanied by photographs taken this winter, showing the colours of Palestine in all their glory and magnificence, as well as the scars this land has been forced to bear so that Palestinians could be pushed further off and Jewish Israelis, those who live in land stolen in '48 and others who live in land stolen more recently, can move about comfortably.

In the coming days, parts two and three.
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