Nairobi: settimana per la cancellazione del debito

questa e' la nostra settimana per gridare al mondo che vogliamo davvero cancellare il debito dell'africa e del kenya....
tuko pamoja

Global Week of Action on Debt
15  22
nd May 2005


Events in Nairobi during the Week of Action

Sunday 15 May   A debt Caravan in Nairobi featuring songs, theatre and talks on debt

Monday 16 May   Cultural Activities and film show
                                       9.30  12: Holy Family Basilica Hall
                                        11 a.m: Press Conference. Archbishop Ndingi, Rev. Njoroge and debt experts will speak

Tuesday17 May   12.00: Launch of the Catholic Bishops Pastoral Letter at Waumini House, Westlands.
                                        Debt Clinics, theatre and music in Jevanjee Gardens, Kibera, Wangige, Kangemi, Korogocho, Mathare and Huruma

Wednesday 18 May         9.30  12.00 a.m: All Saints Cathedral Hall
                                        Public Debate on Debt
                                        Dialogue between religious leaders, MP’s, 
                                        officials of the government, World Bank/ IMF,
                                        debt experts and members of Public.   
Thursday 19 May          10 - 11 a.m: Radio Waumini, Live broadcast        
                                        2.00 p.m: Sports on Debt
                                        Civil Society versus Church Representatives
                                      University of Nairobi Sports Ground
Friday 20 May                     Public Forum on debt and film show
                                      4.00 p.m: University of Nairobi, Education  
                                      Theatre II
Saturday 21 May            Procession and Interdenominational prayers                                        From Holy Family Basilica to Uhuru Park
                                      10.00  2.00 p.m

Sunday 22 May              Prayers in Churches
Organised by Kenya Debt Relief Network (KENDREN) and Catholic Economic Justice in association with Econews Africa, Seatini Kenya, Africa All Conference of Churches, The Green Belt Movement, Oxfam International, Action Aid Kenya, Chemi Chemi ya Ukweli, AMECEA, Huruma Social Forum, BEACON, EACOR, SODNET, The Anglican Justice, Peace and Advocacy Commission, Association of Sisterhood of Kenya, Pamoja Trust, CAFOD, Comboni Missionaries, Mathare Youth Congress, Groots Kenya, Jesuits Hakimani Centre and Kenya Youth Education and Community Development Programme.
Further information contact: Kenya Debt Relief Network: 2721076 /99 or cell. 0722 474 221 and Catholic Economic Justice  Africa:  0733702972/578008

Press Release


A group of Kenyan and International civil society, including Faiths, youth and women grassroots organizations have come together in KENDREN (Kenyan Debt Relief Network) and the Catholic Economic Justice  Africa to organize THE GLOBAL WEEK OF ACTION ON DEBT in Kenya from May 15h to 22nd 2005. The Global week of action on debt is a follow up of the recently concluded Global week of action on trade and on education within the process of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) campaign.

The aim of the debt campaign week is to create awareness on the problem of the debt, to ask for the opening of the Kenya’s Public Debt Register to public scrutiny and to lobby the G8 meeting in July for the total cancellation of Kenya’s and Africa’s debt.

While 17 million Kenyans live in poverty, earning less than 1 USD a day, the country has a debt of Ksh. 752 billions. About 32% (Ksh. 122 billions) of the national budget is being used to repay this debt. This amount is greater than the amount spent on health and education together. Each person in the country shares the burden with a debt tag of Ksh 25,033 while paying Ksh 4,070 every year to pay the interest of this debt.

Most of this debt is owed to the G8 and to the International Financial Institutions (World Bank, International Monetary Fund). The repayment of the debt service to the rich countries is financing part of their over-consumption. Meanwhile, the money dedicated to debt servicing is badly needed for development, social services (health, education, housing), infrastructure, job creation and many other social security measures. KENDREN and CEJ are asking for the total cancellation of the external debt, including interest repayments, without conditionalities, other than internal monitoring mechanisms to make sure that the earnings from the cancelled debts go to alleviate poverty.

On July 4
th 2005, the G8 Heads of state and Finance ministers will meet in Scotland. One of the main issues in the agenda is Debt cancellation of the impoverished countries. KENDREN coalition has already lobbied the G8 embassies, and Finance Ministers to ask for the FULL CANCELLATION of the Kenyan debt and of the Sub-Saharan African countries.  This week on debt will be another occasion to lobby the G8 and also to demand that the African Union summit meeting in Tripoli, Libya, in July 2005, take a firm and united stand for a total cancellation of Africa’s external debt owed to the G8.

The Public Debt Register contains the records of all loans contracted for and on behalf of the people of Kenya. Such loans are contracted for the procurement of goods and services, and public investments. Once the loans have been authenticated and recorded in the Public Debt Register, it is binding on all Kenyans against tax revenue till fully repaid. Yet Kenyans have no access to the Public Debt Register. This is why the campaign is also asking for the opening of the Public Debt Register to public scrutiny.

For interviews and media enquiries, please contact
Sr Begoña Iñarra, AMECEA, on tel nos. 578 008 or 0723 944448
Njuki Githethwa, KENDREN, on tel nos. 2721076 / 99 or 0722 474 221.