nuova iniziativa per Karl

Cari amici di Karl, abbiamo ricevuto da lui una bozza di una lettera da
spedire al Direttore del carcere e al Governatore dell'Arizona. L'abbiamo
rimessa un po' in ordine, stampata e spedita, alleghiamo il testo
originale. Sostanzialmente si chiede che Karl venga trasferito in un
carcere "normale" visto che dopo il processo e la condanna non deve piu'
stare in massima sicurezza. Purtroppo per farcelo restare le guardie della
prigione si sono inventati che egli appartiene a una "gang"; chi ha letto
il libro sa quanto questo e' lontano dal vero. Speriamo che le lettere
servano a qualcosa. Approfittiamo dell'occasione per salutare tutti ed
esortarvi a non mollare con la vendita del libro. Karl ne ha gia' pronto
un'altro, sulle sue esperienze in carcere, non vediamo l'ora di leggerlo.

To Terry L. Stewart
Director Arizona Department of Correction
1601 West Jefferson
Phoenix Arizona 85007

To Jane Dee Hull
State Capital Building
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

The Committee for the Defence of Karl Louis Guillen, ADC # 77614, B 3400,
Unit SMUII in the prison complex of Florence Arizona, published in Italy,
last year, a book written by Mr. Guillen, 'Il Tritacarne" and constituted
many sections of the committee in various parts of Italy with the aim to
help Mr. Guillen to prove his innocence, involving  several human right
associations around the world: Amnesty International, Sforza, Coalit,
Humanist Movement, Hand off Cain,  etc., After the adjudication of
December 6th 1999, of 1993 case at Pinal County, case number CR930-
in which he pleaded non contest and received no more time than he's
already doing, we supposed him to be moved in a normal prison, but he is
still il maximum custody unit. In February, ten days after he's
reclassified out of segregation, your officers decided to make him a gang
member to justify further isolation. The timing of this latter move is
conspicuous, coming as it did soon after your officers deemed he was
finally, after 7 years in a box, going to a normal prison. Karl Guillen is
not a member of a gang (White Supremacist), he risked his life publishing
a book that not only denounce such activities, but that boldly claims his
dual heritage of Native American (Cherokee). Karl Guillen is intelligent
enough to know the only way out is through his good behaviour. He has not
caused your officer trouble. He's a published author, he's been accepted
to complete his degree course at Pennsylvania State University, and has
done more productive programming on his own than 99% of yours wards.
Ultimately, you have forced him to use the only means necessary: the
courts. But in doing so he has bought retaliation from you and your
officers, though he's only seeking the same human and civil rights he
should all ready have. Karl's case is still being looked at. Most probably
he is an innocent man, and this will soon come out. Karl Guillen has been
in administrative segregation for so long that he is allergic to the water
and must take medication to drink, wash and bath. This indicates some
physiological dysfunction caused by long term isolation, and lack of
sunlight. Karl's eyesight is impaired, he cannot see past thirty feet.
Please, have Karl Guillen released to a medium custody unit where he can
re-adapt to human contact and (hopefully) regain his vision and not have
to take medication just to use or consume water.

Comitato per la Difesa di Karl Louis Guillen