scambio materie seconde

Resource exchanges are like dating agencies for resources having
     effective resource use and waste minimisation as their key goals. By
facilitating re-use, recycling and reprocessing of materials, these exchange systems reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and other less
     valued uses.

     All resource exchanges provide some sort of information system to
introduce sources of materials to seekers of those materials. The aim is to
     make a good match which satisfies both parties to the exchange. The
conditions and cost of the exchange are negotiated by the parties to the
     exchange. Some resource exchanges are operated free of charge as a
     community service.
Scambio di 'materie seconde' potenzialmente destinate a divenire rifiuti

Cari tutti,

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Alessandro Gimona

As well as facilitating exchanges of materials, resource exchanges also:

          educate seekers and sources of resources and the wider community
          to see all materials as resources and seek out new re-use
          develop new markets for materials that would otherwise go to a
          landfill or a less valued use; and
gather data on the nature and flow of materials within a community
          and potential sources and users of materials.

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