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Alessandro Gimona
Dear Colleague

Greetings from India!

I am sure this would be of interest to you.
mirror site :

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)and the International
Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada in collaboration of
of Environment and Forests (India) has launched the portal site of
Sustainable Development Networking Programme, India (SDNP-India) at mirrored at
The website has got over 35,000 hits since May 1999 which is very

SDNP India  aims to facilitate the process of sustainable development,
promote good practices and strengthen the democratic processes through a

mechanism of information exchange between the government and research
organisations, NGOs, business establishments and the civil society over
electronic and hybrid media.

The website provides access to a host of online databases, environmental

legislation, case studies, publications, news clippings and electronic
discussion groups on these issues. A database of international
organisations working on sustainable development issues is being
on the website and has been indexed subject area wise. The links section
the website provides gateway to over 1500 other websites concerning
environment and sustainable development.

We have started to host information on Environment and Sutainable
Development in local Indian languages too, so as to enhance the reach of

the programme.

The website also provides a platform to initiate debates and
highlight developmental issues and initiate environmental actions at all

levels through a host of services such as Building Bridges, Job
Opportunities, Query Desk, Dev-Online, Event Reporting service and
on Information and Communication Technologies.

More information about these services is available at the SDNP website
by sending an email at sdnp at

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the SDNP-India website and
us in making it a comprehensive source of information on sustainable
development. We look forward to your suggestions, criticisms and
contributions towards both the site and how we can further promote
knowledge based networking in India.


Vikas Nath
Programme Officer
Sustainable Development Networking Programme (India)

Sustainable Development Networking Programme (India)
Room 1023  Paryavaran Bhawan
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi 110003 India
Phone + 91 11 436 2140
Fax + 91 11 436 1147

Email : sdnp at
mirror site :