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Georgian Foreign Minister: NATO, U.S., EU Back Georgia Against Russia

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December 23, 2013

Georgian minister lauds foreign policy achievements in 2013

TBILIS: The outgoing year 2013 was one of the most successful for
Georgia's foreign policy, Georgian Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze said.

"Georgian foreign policy efforts taken this year as regards concrete
countries and in the international format focused on the achievement of
the main goal," she told a final press conference on Monday. "The goal
is international involvement in the strengthening of Georgia's
territorial integrity, tangible progress in the achievement of European
and Euro-Atlantic objectives, deepening strategic partnership with the
Untied States and relations with partner countries and neighbors, and
de-escalation of relations with Russia with due respect for territorial
integrity and sovereignty of our country."

The Georgian Foreign Ministry unwaveringly urges international attention
to the deployment of barbed wire and other artificial barriers along the
borders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Russian troops, she said.

"The negative international reaction to the illegal policy of Russia was
extremely important in this context. The NATO Secretary General, EU High
Representative Catherine Ashton, the U.S. Department of state and
representatives of other international organizations made their comments
on the barbed wire entanglements deployed along the occupation line,"
Panjikidze continued.

In her opinion, the outgoing year was one of the most successful for
Georgia in the field of foreign policy.


State Commission Meets On Georgia's Integration Into NATO

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Trend News Agency
December 23, 2013

State Commission meets for Georgia's integration into NATO
By Nana Kirtzkhalia

A meeting of the state commission for Georgia's integration into NATO
was held in Georgia's government office on Dec.23.

The main issue of the agenda was Georgia's one-year national program and
the steps taken by the country in 2013 towards the alliance, Georgia's
government office said.

Additionally, the action plan for 2014 was also discussed.

"The annual national program implemented by the Georgian government was
assessed by NATO as the best one in the last five years. Currently the
work is underway on six projects and we were discussing this issue",
Georgian State Minister for Integration into European and Euro-Atlantic
structures Alexi Petriashvili said.

The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security,
Irakli Sesiashvili expressed confidence that the process of integration
into the alliance will be even more active in the future.

"And the next plan of cooperation with NATO for 2014 will be paramount,
it can even be said excessively loaded. Alongside with commitments we
also have ambitions to provide a fast and efficient development of the
country. Accordingly, we hope that with the implementation of this plan,
our relations with NATO will be further reinforced and strengthened.
Naturally, we are waiting for progress," Sesiashvili said.

The meeting of the commission for Georgia's integration into NATO was
led by the Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

Translated by L.Z.
Edited by C.N.

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