GLOBAL DEMILITARIZATION                                 April 24, 2005

Dear friends, we hope you will take a moment to help urge political
leaders of the nuclear weapons states to disable all the nuclear
weapons in the world.
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Please send the following or a similar letter, email, fax or phone
message to the President of the United States each month. Also
please send copies to the Heads of State of the other nuclear
weapons nations, whose addresses are listed at the end.
If you work with a peace, environmental or religious organization:
In your next bulletin or correspondence with your members, please
urge them also to send these messages each month. You are welcome
to share this message with anyone else who may be willing to help.


President George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, DC 20500, USA
tel +1-202-456-1111, fax +1-202-456-2461
email president at whitehouse.gov

Cc: Vladimir Putin, President, Russia
Tony Blair, Prime Minister, Britain (Fax +44-207-925-0918)
Jacques Chirac, President, France
Hu Jintao, President, China
Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister, Israel (Fax +972-2-664-838)
Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, India
Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan

Dear Mr. President,

As Mr. David Krieger, the president of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation,
stated, "The reality is that human beings and nuclear weapons are an
incendiary mix, and the world remains challenged to eliminate these weapons
before they eliminate us."

Please call a meeting of the heads of all nuclear weapons
states to reach agreement on the abolition of all nuclear weapons
before it is too late.


[Your name, post address & country]
1) Write also to your national and local representatives.
2) Write by hand (a list of mailing addresses is attached below).
3) Reformulate as a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
4) Invite others to subscribe to this list.
5) Inform us of what you have done, and make other suggestions.
Addresses of the heads of other nuclear weapons states:

President Vladimir Putin
Office of the Government
Krasnopresenskaya 2
Moscow, RUSSIA
tel +7-095-925-3581, fax +7-095-205-4219
email rusun at undp.org

Prime Minister Tony Blair
Prime Minister's Office
10 Downing Street
London, SW 1A 2 AA, BRITAIN
tel +44-171-270-3000
fax +44(207)925-0918
website www.number-10.gov.uk

President Jacques Chirac
Office du President, Palais De L'Elysee
55-57 rue du Faubourg St. Honore
75008 Paris, FRANCE
tel +33-1-4292-8100, Fax +33-1-4742-2465
email fraun at undp.org

President Hu Jintao
Office of the Premier
225 Chaoyangmennei Dajie, Dongsi
Beijing, P. R. CHINA
email chnun at undp.org

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Office of the Prime Minister
3 Rehov Kaplan, Hakirya
Jerusalem 91007, ISRAEL
tel +972-2-705555, fax +972-2-664838

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister's Office
South Block
New Delhi 110011, INDIA
tel +91-11-3013040, fax +91-11-3016857
email indun at undp.org

Gen. Pervez Musharraf
Office of the President
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
telex 5742
email pakistan at undp.org
Best regards,
Sue & Marvin Clark, Co-directors, Global Demilitarization
42 Maple Avenue, Troy, NY 12180, USA
Hanayo Ozaki, Hiroshima

Administrative Board Members:
Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace Laureate, honorary member
Jonathan Schell, Author
Mary Evelyn Jegen, SND, Pax Christi International
Bill Price, Director, World Peacemakers
Bill Hartung, Author
Dietrich Fischer, Author
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