Set a date to abolish all nuclear weapons

GLOBAL DEMILITARIZATION                              May 31, 2000

Dear friends, we hope you can take a moment to help urge political
leaders of the nuclear weapons nations, by email, to disable all
the nuclear weapons in the world.

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Please send the following or similar email, post, fax or phone
messages to the President of the United States each month.  Also
please send copies to the Heads of State of the other nuclear
weapons nations as shown below (some via their UN missions).

If you want a list of the post addresses, fax and phone numbers of
the Heads of nuclear states, please request them from us.

If you are an officer of a peace, environmental or religious
organization: In your next correspondence with your members, please
urge them also to send these messages each month.
To: president at

Subject: Set a date for the abolition of nuclear weapons

Vladimir Putin, President, Russia <rusun at>,
Tony Blair, Prime Minister, Britain <gbrun at>,
Jacques Chirac, President, France <fraun at>,
Jiang Zemin, President, China <chnun at>,
Ehud Barak, Prime Minister, Israel <pm at>,
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister, India <indun at>,
Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan <pakistan at>

Dear Mr. President,

We welcome that at the review conference of the Nuclear
Nonproliferation Treaty in May the five original nuclear powers
agreed to abolish all nuclear weapons. But no fixed time table was
set. The nuclear powers committed themselves to nuclear disarmament
already in 1970, but nuclear weapons are still with us.

Why wait? Please set an example by making unilateral deep cuts in
nuclear weapons, which will only improve our security, and by
calling for an urgent meeting to set an early fixed date by which
all nuclear weapons are to be abolished.

There is a Korean saying, "The day I finally decided to visit my
friend, it was his funeral." Let us not wait until it is too late!

Sincerely yours,

[Your name, post address & country]
Best regards,
Sue & Marvin Clark
Co-directors, Global Demilitarization
42 Maple Avenue, Troy, NY, 12180 USA

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