AI: Justice, not revenge, must prevail

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> * News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty
> International *
> 14 September 2001
> AMR 51/140/2001
> 163/01
> Amnesty International today reiterated its deepest sympathy for
> the victims of the heinous attacks in the USA and called upon the
> leaders of governments and community groups around the world to
> ensure respect for human rights in their wake.
>      Amid growing evidence of a backlash and attacks against
> Muslim and Middle Eastern community groups around the world,
> Amnesty International stressed that efforts to bring the
> perpetrators of these atrocities to justice must be characterised
> by the highest respect for human rights.
>      "The violent attacks suffered by the USA represent the
> gravest violation of the most basic of human rights.
> Perpetrators must be brought to justice. But in seeking justice
> for the victims of this terrible crime, the world must exercise
> the highest respect for the rights of all individuals.
> International solidarity  with the victims is not about seeking
> revenge but about cooperating within the rule of law in bringing
> those responsible to justice.  Scapegoating individuals or
> communities will achieve nothing."
>      Calling for calm in the days and weeks ahead, Amnesty
> International said, "it is important for us all to see that
> hatred does not become the order of the day;  that fear does not
> become an excuse for the violation of rights and that we all
> remember our common humanity.  We must be compassionate in our
> support for the victims, determined in our search for justice and
> vigilant about the rights of all people."
>      Addressing the USA, Amnesty International asked the
> authorities to set a leading example by ensuring adequate
> protection for individuals and communities in the USA and by
> maintaining the highest standards in their search for the
> perpetrators of the attacks, including not detaining or arresting
> individuals solely on the basis of their race, ethnicity,
> religion or national origin.
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