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          ** VIRUS ALERT - W32/Badtrans@MM **

Dear              ,
McAfee.com has received an increasing number of reports from
home users with a new variant of Badtrans, referred to as
Badtrans.b. AVERT has raised the Risk Assessment on this
variant of W32/Badtrans@MM to HIGH RISK FOR CONSUMERS.

VirusScan and other McAfee products with DAT files 4172 and
higher are protected from this variant.

W32/Badtrans@MM is a mass-mailing worm that drops a
remote-access Trojan. The virus arrives via the Microsoft
Outlook email program and attempts to send itself by replying
to unread email messages.

The email may contain the text "Take a look to the attachment"
in the message body and will contain an attachment that is
13,312 bytes in size.  The attachment name is created in
three sections, for example, card.doc.pif.

For detection and removal instructions for the
W32/Badtrans@MM virus, click here.
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are not protected from this virus. Click here to download
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Retail VirusScan Users:
Version 4.0.70 and above with DAT file 4172 will detect and
remove this worm.  To download the latest DAT files,
click here.
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Find out more about this worm. Click here to go to the
W32/Badtrans@MM Help Center.
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-----Messaggio Originale-----
Da: Stefano Maero <stefano at euresis.it>
A: <consumocritico at peacelink.it>
Data invio: martedì 27 novembre 2001 11.43
Oggetto: virus in lista

> ciao a tutti/e,
> alcuni degli ultimi messaggi girati in lista avevano con sé un virus...
> per cortesia, aggiornate il vostro antivirus, specie chi usa Outlook come
cliente di posta elettronica...
> il nuovo virus (una variante di un virus di qualche tempo fa) si chiama
W32.badtrans.b@mm e potete avere informazioni su di esso alle pagine
> http://vil.nai.com/vil/virusSummary.asp?virus_k=99069
http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.badtrans.b at mm.ht
> Un saluto,
> Stefano
> ___________________________
> Stefano Maero - stefano at euresis.it