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Double-crossed by NATO?

A retired Russian general made some explosive allegations last 
about the NATO attack on Serbia five years ago. It was obvious that 
June 1999, NATO double-crossed Yugoslavia and Russia, occupying 
despite the terms agreed in the Kumanovo armistice; they never
seriously intended to honor the agreement, or even UNSCR 1244. Now
retired Russian general Leonid Ivashov claims his team had negotiated
the original armistice, far more favorable to Yugoslavia, only to see
it betrayed by a Yeltsin crony close to the Americans. Now, the
agreement he describes looks rather unlikely to have been accepted by
NATO. Consider this, however. Russian troops arrived in Pristina
shortly before NATO occupiers and the KLA. Someone in Moscow who
ordered the deployment must have known or assumed that a deal was 
with NATO to include a Russian presence. Yet not only did NATO block
reinforcements for those troops, but General Jackson was given orders
to shoot at the Russians by his mad superior, Wesley Clark. So either
the Russians assumed too much, or there really was a deal, and NATO
reneged on it once in a position of strength (i.e. in Kosovo, with 
Yugoslav forces gone). Given NATO's record of trickery, the latter is
more likely. Which means that if Ivashov is right, NATO was prepared
to agree to anything so long as it could get troops into Kosovo, and
planned the treachery in advance. Ivashov's statements, reported by
Belgrade daily "Politika," can be read in Serbian here
. Here is a translation, for English-speakers:


Politika, Belgrade, April 17, 2004
The Russian military delegation that negotiated the end of the Kosovo
crisis five years ago was double-crossed, retired Colonel-General
Leonid Ivashov told the "Voice of Russia." The retired General said
that the head of the Russian delegation, Viktor Chernomyrdin, changed
his position overnight and unconditionally backed the American
armistice proposal, because US Vice President Al Gore promised him
Washington's support in the Russian presidential election. "General
Zavardin and I, members of the Russian delegation headed by President
Yeltsin's special envoy Chernomyrdin - we were cheated," said 
and added that he and his colleagues had no choice but to resign from
the delegation. Ivashov said that he and his officers had negotiated 
seven-point agreement with American officers which insisted on only
half the Yugoslav security forces retreating from Kosovo. He claims
that they agreed that NATO would not have the decisive role in the
province, and that its troops would be deployed along the borders 
Macedonia and Albania - and not the administrative line with the rest
of Serbia - while Yugoslav border troops would remain in the province
and filter out the returning refugees to trap the extremists in 
and prevent infiltration from the outside. Chernomyrdin initially
praised the military team's success, but fundamentally changed his
opinion overnight and annulled the agreement, supporting
unconditionally the American demands instead. (Tanjug)

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