A Serb Apology

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        Popovivc A Serb Apology
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ARTEL GEOPOLITIKA by www.artel.co.yu
office at artel.co.yu
Date:08 June 2002

Bane Popovic: A Serb Apology

A Serb Apology Demanded recently by Sen. Joseph
U. S. Senate's Foreign Policy Committee Chairman
Belgrade, May 27, 2002 

A Serb Apology Demanded recently by Sen. Joseph
Byden, U. S. Senate's Foreign Policy Committee
Chairman, compiled instead of Mr. Vojislav Kostunica
and Mr. Zoran Djindjic, who were not brave enough to
state the following: 
On behalf of all Serbs we, a group of Serb patriots,
solemnly apologize for:
- Defending ourselves from the breaking-up of Tito's
Yugoslavia by the anti-communist activities of CIA
and other Western secret services, and then from
Croat, Slovene, Muslim and Albanian separatisms. 
- Responding to the hasty recognition of Croatia,
Slovenia, Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina by the
USA and their satellites with the continuity of FR
Yugoslavia with the historically (since the end of
the 19th Century) recognized states of Serbia and
- Being for several years subjected to cruel
economic sanctions of USA and their satellites,
following the false accusation against FR Yugoslavia
of committing aggression on Bosnia & Herzegovina, no
matter that, on the day of implementation of the
embargo, FR Yugoslavia had no soldiers on Bosnian
territory, while Croatia kept there several tens of
thousands of armed personnel.
- Having witnessed horrific massacres of civilians
and a genocidal ethnic cleansing of hundreds of
thousands of Serbs during Croatian military actions
- in the Medak pocket in 1993 or "Lightning" and
"Storm" in 1995.
- Pointing out to the World public opinion that
secret services of USA and their satellites were the
main organizers of the staged shelling of Vase
Miskina Street in 1992 and Markale Marketplace in
1995 in Sarajevo, for which the Serbian side was
blamed and sanctions were imposed on the Bosnian,
Serbs who were also heavily bombed. 
- Becoming victims of the conditions, imposed by the
US administration, by which several injustices
toward Serbs were committed - southern part of
predominantly inhabited by Serbs Bosnian Krayina was
given to the Croats, territory of Republika Srpska
cut in two by the creation of the "Brcko District",
advantage given to the Croatian concept of solving
the issue of Prevlaka peninsula instead of
respecting the wholeness and sovereignty of the Bay
of Kotor within Montenegro and FR Yugoslavia, Kosovo
and Metohia Province occupied although being an
inseparable part of Serbia. 
- Being subjected to an "outer wall of sanctions" by
USA and their satellites by: a) not letting FR
Yugoslavia's return to UN, IMF, World Bank and other
international organizations, b) isolating the
legally elected authorities of Serbia and FR
Yugoslavia from travelling abroad, c) meddling into
internal affairs of FR Yugoslavia (by financing the
quisling opposition in Serbia and
depending-from-foreign-aid media, turning
Montenegrin authorities against Serbian ones,
imposing a media demonization of Serbian nation and
authorities, as well as by interminably conditioning
Belgrade - The Hague "tribunal", succession process
of Former Yugoslavia, Kosovo and Metohia, South of
- Being subjected to American-led and financed
Albanian secessionist movement in Kosovo and
Metohia, a staged by William Walker and his KVM's
Racak "massacre", the U. S. ultimatum to Serbia and
FR Yugoslavia at the false negotiations in
- Defending ourselves from Albanian terrorism in
Kosovo and Metohia and resisting to the savage
bombardment of FR Yugoslavia by NATO aviation (for
which there was no grounds in international law), by
which was physically destroyed our economic,
transport and media infrastructure, while our piece
of the earth has been poisoned with radioactive and
toxic weapons. 
- Being humiliated as a nation with the injustice
taking place in the so-called Hague tribunal, where
are being submitted to trial only the highest
political and military leaders of our nation (from
FR Yugoslavia, Serbia and Republic of Srpska), who
stood up against such actions of USA, their
satellites and their Yugoslav quislings, aiming to
conceal their own heavy responsibility for all
crimes committed against the Serb nation.
- As a nation currently being under occupation of
USA and the West, who have imposed to the Serb
nation a quisling leadership with the task to
completely fulfill the American Diktat of breaking
up the independent Serbian state and in such way
help the decades-long policy of pushing the Serbs
into the "New World Order" under American control to
be finally realized. 


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