I giornali USA ancora incitano alla secessione del Montenegro

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Subject: The Washington Times: LETTERS  NATO 'divide and conquer'
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 20:44:52 -0400
From: "minja m." 

The Washington Times


Thursday, May 9, 2002/Page A20

NATO 'divide and conquer' mission

By supporting the destruction of the formerly
peaceful and multiethnic Yugoslavia for the sake
of dividing and conquering the Balkans for
NATO, we are merely encouraging the eventual demise of our
own multiethnic country
("Yugoslavia no more," Editorial, May 5).

With a population of only 650,000 people, granting
independence to Montenegro would be
like China granting independence to the city of
Albuquerque, N.M., making the country even
weaker than Bosnia.  It will open yet another easy route
to mafia drug smuggling and
prostitution, provide more opportunities to recruit
impoverished followers for Osama bin
Laden, and incite a massive civil war within the Yugoslav

I guess that our State Department must be convinced that
the Balkan people will never be
able to live in multiethnic harmony with one another
(presumably because of the "nationalist"
Serbs; of course, it is OK for Americans and Israelis to
be "nationalists," but not Serbs).

This attitude reveals the institutionalized racism at the
State Department (and your editorial
page) and the true ignorance of many of our leaders. This
is, quite frankly, un-American.
From your point of view, it is better to destroy a nation
than it is to rebuild it.

              MICHAEL PRAVICA
              Las Vegas