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* T R A N S N A T I O N A L   W I R E
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* P R E S S I N F O

Pressinfo 91, April 8, 2000
Prevent Violence in Montenegro

Pressinfo 90, April 8, 2000
Lift the Sanctions and Bring - More Aid to People in Yugoslavia

 * M E E T I N G  P O I N T (always by TFF Associates)

Richard Falk, April 8, 2000
Meeting the Political Challenge to Globalization

Roswitha Jarman, April 8, 2000

Dietrich Fischer, March 24, 2000
Strengthening the United Nations: an Ambitious Agenda

Richard Falk, March 24, 2000
"Humanitarian Wars," Realist Geopolitics, and Genocidal Practices: "Saving
the Kosovars"

Christian Hårleman, March 24 ,2000
Civilian Peace-Keepers - a Future Challenge

Richard Falk, March 20, 2000
The Place of Criminal Accountability in Transitional Justice: Reflections
After Kosovo

Peter Jarman, March 20, 2000
Teaching Peace in Kosovo. A Report

* F O R U M  J o n a t h a n   P o w e r 's   C o l u m n s

April 8, 2000
Jonathan Power, TFF adviser
Kosovo: the First to Get it Right

March 31, 2000
Forthcoming Nuclear Non-Proliferation Conference Could Backfire on America

March 31, 2000
Fast Growing Dangers in the China-US Relationship

March 20, 2000
The Clinton Visit to India and Pakistan is Unlikely to Avert Nuclear War

* F E A T U R E S

April 8, 2000
Swedish Anti-Sanctions Appeal

March 20, 2000
Austria's New Security Concept

 * KALEJDOSKOP (in Swedish or Danish only)
No new yet.


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