Gilad Atzmon: Lexicon of Resistance and more on PTT

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Gilad Atzmon's Lexicon of Resistance. Sometimes a little glossary comes in handy.

Khalid Amayreh comments on the Jenin children's orchestra being carted in to Tel Aviv.

and his article, "Devouring Jerusalem"

Sami Jamil Jadallah writes:
With very few exceptions there is a defending silence among "Diaspora Jews", as if a conspiracy of silence exists and in fact it does exist, especially in the US where very few Jews dare to speak out against the racist and criminal acts of Israel, against the Jewish Occupation, against the more than 500 "security" check points where Palestinians of all ages are subject to the most demeaning of human humiliations on daily basis. There is absolute silence against Israel Apartheid policies and practices, against the Jewish settlements on stolen Arab lands (including mine), against the Apartheid Wall, against the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Jerusalem, against the destruction of farms and uprooting of hundreds of thousands of trees, against house demolitions, against targeted killings, against arbitrary arrests, against the use of civilians as shields for the very brave Jewish soldiers and against the siege of Gaza and against war crimes committed by the Jewish Army in Gaza.

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