Meshaal interview, Google Ignores Palestinian Women, and more...

today's PTT brings a plethora of important items!
the first: English translation of the Interview Khaled Meshaal gave to the Italian newspaper L'Espresso. It is a must read.

the second: Iqbal Tamimi looked for some pictures for Mother's Day and Google gave her less than she bargained for. Enlightening.

the third:
the Qawem Coalition looked at Human Rights Watch and has determined that Humanitarian "aid" and "reconstruction" the way they are intended by the international community are just war by other means.

a film clip by Amos Zuckerman on the vexations the Palestinian farmers had gone through to harvest their olives has been added to our TV channel:

plus more information, maps, news, films, activist campaigns and analytical papers.

Don't miss our special Mother's Day feature this Saturday by Reham Alhelsi.