Call for Essays: Land Rights

Call for Essays: Land Rights

PEACE REVIEW: A JOURNAL OF SOCIAL JUSTICE is an international journal
distributed in more than 50 nations. We seek essays on the above theme
for a special issue.

In agrarian societies, conflict and violence are often caused, or
exacerbated, by power struggles between and within different social classes
over the questions of access to and control over land resources. In many
contexts, land has a multi-dimensional character. For example, it is
crucial for the autonomy and capacity of people to construct sustainable
livelihoods, prevent social exclusion, gain access to political processes,
and preserve cultural heritages. Land-based conflict and violence come in
various forms, degree and intensity: from the genocide in Rwanda, to the
most common forms of daily landlord harassment reliant on state courts and
the police, such as in Brazil, the Philippines, and Egypt, to those between
these two extremes, such as the use of para-legal military forces in

A democratic resolution can contribute to preventing conflict and violence,
and can also enrich efforts at strategic peace-building. Many of the
countries that have carried out far-reaching redistributive land reforms in
the past have tended to manifest a greater degree of political stability
and peace, as shown in the cases of Kerala in India, China, Japan, South
Korea, and Chile.

Peace Review invites submissions for a special issue devoted to land, We
are looking for essays that explore the following:  the close relationship
between land, conflict, violence and peace-building; recent market-oriented
land policies implemented in different countries; how a land policy
framework can lead to democratic resolutions; and what new land policies
can end persistent conflict and violence in order to achieve social justice
and peace.

Please send essays on this theme by October 15, 2006. Essays should
run between 2500 and 3500 words, and should be jargon- and footnote-
free. See Submission Guidelines at

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