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US Plan for the "Great Middle East"
Gilles Munier (AFI-Flash)
For the Americans, to lay their hands on Iraqi oil is getting more
difficult. The hope they had placed on Ahmed Chalabi who had promised
marvel to the US oil lobby and the Israelis has vanished. It is rather
obvious that they cannot protect the pipeline designed to flow oil from
Iraq to Haifa. Furthermore, the Arabs and the Turkmen will not be easily
expelled from Kirkuk. The neo conservator project of carving a "zone of
pro! sperity" in the Middle East financed by Iraqi oil to benefit
essentially the Israelis, has been swept over. The United States may have
an alternative solution though as much uncertain. It boils down to toppling
the regime of Bashar Al Assad and setting up a Kurdish State in the north
of Iraq...

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American hostage taking...and other war crimes
Eli Stephens, Left I on the News
With the taking of female hostages in Iraq so recently in the news, it was
only coincidence that over the weekend, thanks to the extensive selection
of documentaries available from Netflix, I watched the 1998 film Regret to
Inform (...) Almost incidental to the basic "theme" of the movie, but all
the more timely thanks to the American war against Iraq, are the
descriptions of events that happened in that other war, the "another" when!
people want to debate whether Iraq is or is not "another" Vietnam. And, lo
and behold, what do we hear about during the course of the film? The taking
of women hostages by American forces to "get to" their husbands. The
shooting in cold blood of children as young as five years old by American
soldiers. The burning to the ground of not one (My Lai), not two, but 106
out of 107 villages, some of them more than once, in the region in which
the filmmaker's husband was killed...

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More on Iran talk
William Engdahl has another interesting article, this time on the
geopolitical risks of an attack on Iran. I still see absolutely no reason
to fear an attack on Iran from either the United States or Israel. The talk
is just talk, intended to manipulate various people in various ways. One
striking thing about all the talk is that we are left with the impression
that Iran has done something wrong. There has never been any proof tendered
that Iran has done anything it is not entitled to do! . It continues to be
in strict compliance with its obligations under international law. All the
toing and froing just concerns how much extra it gives the international
community in terms of access. The only country in the Middle East that is
in breach of its international obligations concerning a nuclear program is
Israel, and Israel is spectacularly (or here or here) in breach...

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Grace Reid
...So my hope must remain with the people, like those who witnessed the
killing of an innocent man. My hope is that no one will ever forget Jean
Charles de Menezes, who was killed on July 22, 2005. He was 27 years old.
For me his death is symbolic of what the "War On Terrorism" is all about:
the use of deadly force on suspicion of guilt, bad communication, sloppy
surveillance, wrong intelligence, no co-ordination of law enforcement and
security, no due process of law, civilian casualties,! an ever-broadening
scope of hysteria, fear and terror, and the effort of government to justify
criminal acts in broad daylight and in the public view. The people have the
power to change this: through their vote and through their voice, or they
can sponsor and support it through their silence...

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Pentagon investigation of Iraq war hawk stalling Senate inquiry into
pre-war Iraq intelligence
Larisa Alexandrovna, RAW STORY
The second part of the Senate investigation into bungled pre-war Iraq
intelligence is still being held up by an internal Pentagon investigation
of Douglas Feith, one of the war's leading architects, RAW STORY has
learned. As previously reported by Raw Story, the Senate Select Committee
on Intelligence (SSCI) inquiry -- titled Phase II -- is waiting on a report
from the Pentagon inspector g! eneral as to Feith's alleged role in
manipulating pre-war intelligence to support a case for war. Feith, who is
also being probed by the FBI for his role in an Israeli spy case, resigned
in January 2005. More broadly, a RAW STORY investigation has found that
Feith's access to classified information and his alleged wrongdoing can
likely be laid at the feet of more senior officials in the Bush
Administration -- namely Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld -- who would
have had to have overruled Pentagon background checks to reissue Feith's
clearances after he was booted from the National Security Council for
allegations of espionage in the mid 1980s...

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GI Special 4A21: The Occupation Besieged - January 30, 2006
Thomas Barto
As car bomb attacks and suicide bombers creep ever closer to the heavily
fortified Green Zone in downtown Baghdad, Iraqi insurgents are testing the
security of the country?s seat of power in preparation for a large-scale
assault, military sources said (...) "The coordination and sophistication
of attacks has dramatically increased," said Col. Ed Cardon, a brigade
commander in the 3rd Infantry Division. Cardon, whose brigade is
responsible ! for protecting the Green Zone, said he has begun to see
better-trained fighters among the insurgent ranks. "They?ve obviously had
training, some military background and military training in the way they
conduct operations. We hadn?t seen that before," he said...

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Social Forum Wraps Up in Caracas with Sheehan Calling Bush a 'Terrorist'
Agence France-Presse
The six-day World Social Forum wrapped up in Caracas with US anti-war
activist Cindy Sheehan calling President George W. Bush a "terrorist"
during an event hosted by Venezuela's leftist leader. "By his own
definition, he is a terrorist," said Sheehan, the mother of a US soldier
killed in Iraq, who gained notoriety for setting up a protest camp outside
the US president's Texas ranch last year. "George W. Bush is responsib! le
for killing tens of thousands of innocent people and his definition of a
terrorist is someone who kills innocent women, men and children," she told
other invited guests at the live broadcast of President Hugo Chavez's
weekly program...

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America's War of Terrorism
The Dangers of a US Sponsored Nuclear War
Michel Chossudovsky, Globalresearch.ca
The wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq are part of the same "military
road-map". Confirmed by military documents, the US war agenda not only
targets Iran, Syria and North Korea, but also its former Cold War enemies:
Russia and China. We are dealing with a global military agenda
characterized by various forms of intervention. The latter include covert
military and intellig! ence operations in support of domestic paramilitary
groups and so-called liberation armies. These operations are largely
devised with a view to creating social, ethnic and political divisions
within national societies, ultimately contributing to the destruction of
entire countries, as occurred in Yugoslavia...

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Harry Belafonte on Bush, Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and Having His
Conversations with Martin Luther King Wiretapped by the FBI
Democracy Now!
...I call President Bush a terrorist. I call those around him terrorists,
as well: Condoleezza Rice, Rumsfeld, Gonzales in the Justice Department,
and certainly Cheney. I think all of these men sit -- and women -- sit in
the midst of an enormous conspiracy that has been unraveling America for
the last eight years -- six years. It is tragic that the dubious way in
which this pr! esident acquired power should have begun to unravel the
Constitution and the peoples of this country (...) And I think most
important is that we have words that attempt to give us moral cleansing, so
that somehow we hold those responsible for crashing into the Twin Towers
and killing over 2,000 Americans citizens in cold blood, which is an act of
terrorism -- people who have done that should be sought out and brought to
justice; there's no question of that -- but when we do what we have done,
illegal war, going into the Middle East, bombing at will, and then hundreds
of thousands of people get caught, who are either maimed or over 100,000
have already been killed, who are innocent men, women and children, and we
chalk that off to a thing called "collateral damage," as if somehow that
murderous thing that we're doing so cruelly and so inhumanely has no
judgment before world opinion, that we are somehow righteous and above
criticism and above the law...

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If This Be Treason
Patricia Goldsmith
While I do not know, as of this writing, whether Democrats will muster a
filibuster of the Alito nomination, I have no doubt that this vote will
follow senators around, for good or for ill, for the rest of their lives,
in the same way that Colin Powell?s infamous powdered-sugar presentation to
the UN will follow him to the grave -- and for similar reasons. When Alito
gets in, things are going to change. Our whole way of life, in fact. The
New York Times seems to hav! e realized this at the eleventh hour, for
whatever mysterious but welcome reason...

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Military Hides Cause of Women Soldiers' Deaths
Marjorie Cohn, t r u t h o u t
In a startling revelation, the former commander of Abu Ghraib prison
testified that Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, former senior US military
commander in Iraq, gave orders to cover up the cause of death for some
female American soldiers serving in Iraq. Last week, Col. Janis Karpinski
told a panel of judges at the Commission of Inquiry for Crimes against
Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration in New York that several
women had died o! f dehydration because they refused to drink liquids late
in the day. They were afraid of being assaulted or even raped by male
soldiers if they had to use the women's latrine after dark...

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Hamas, and liberal terror
Lenin's Tomb
...Hamas has won the election because Fatah has shown that it is hideously
servile, prepared to accept US-Israeli tutelage in return for control of a
corrupt little fiefdom. Whether there will be suicide bombings or not
depends on whether Israel intends to relinquish its present plan to leave
Gaza an open-air prison and continue to expand settlements into the West
Bank as 'facts on the ground' while constructing a wall that will subsume
huge amounts of Palestinian territory ! into 'official' Israeli boundaries.
It depends on whether the five thousand residents of Qalqiliya will
continue to be imprisoned in an Israeli-siezed ghetto. It depends on
whether Israel continues to impose 'collective punishment' on Palestinian
neighbourhoods, blockade the cash-strapped Palestinian economy, imprison
children, beat and torture prisoners. This much would be balls-achingly
obvious to anyone who understood either the history of the Zionist movement
or its present comportment, or indeed the condition of Palestine. Whether
you like it or not, the Palestinians want freedom: that is why they voted

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Holding Bush Accountable for His Crimes
Tomorrow is Today: the Time for Resistance is Now
Opening Remarks to the culminating session of the International Commission
of Inquiry On Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration,
Riverside Church, New York, January 20, 2006. When Clark Kissinger called
me yesterday and said, "You will be sharing a platform with Harry
Belafonte, I said, "Well, maybe you want to put me on for tomorrow." But
here I am, and of course I'm pr! oud to be in any kind of association with
Harry Belafonte. And I'm sure you're all familiar with Harry Belafonte's
comments that he made to President Chavez in Venezuela a few days ago. And
if you don't remember them, I'll repeat them. "No matter what the greatest
tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush,
says, we're here to tell you that not hundreds, not thousands, but millions
of the American people support your revolution"...

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Army court martial conceals CIA involvement in death of former Iraqi general
Andre Damon, WSWS
An army court martial convicted Chief Warrant Officer Lewis E. Welshofer of
negligent homicide on January 22 for killing Abed Hamed Mowhoush, a former
major general in the Iraqi military. Mowhoush died after Welshofer stuffed
him in a sleeping bag, wrapped a cord around his body, straddled his broken
ribs, and covered his mouth. Welshofer?s sentence included no prison time.
Evidence has emerged in media reports that Mow! housh was tortured to death
over the course of 16 days, and that his interrogation involved several
intelligence agencies, including the CIA...

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Beinin on US policy in Israel, Palestine and Iraq
Sonia Nettnin, Online Journal Contributing Writer

In a lecture Saturday at the Lincoln Park Branch of the Chicago Public
Library, Professor Joel Beinin spoke about the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, the war in Iraq and the war on terror. Beinin is a professor of
Middle East history at Stanford University. He has lived in both Egypt and
Israel, visits the Middle East frequently and he is interviewed by the
media regularly. Beinin is the author or editor of seven books and his
writing focuses on workers, peasants and minorities in the Middle East.
From a historical perspective Beinin examined the negotiations between
Israelis and Palestinians for the past, five years and he analyzed current
events in the Middle East. He said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the
war in Iraq and the war on terror are intertwined and "as a conjuncture
they show the complete failure and demise of Bush doctrine."...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 29 January 2006
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board,
the Free Arab Voice
...Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his defense team on Sunday walked out
of the eighth session of the "trial" rigged up by the US and the regime it
installed in Baghdad. The President, other "defendants" and the defense
team stormed out shortly after the session began, Mafkarat al-Islam
reported, based on monitored BBC coverage. According to the BBC as moni!
tored by Mafkarat al-Islam, the newly appointed "Judge" Ra?uf 'Abd
ar-Rahman ordered Barzan at-Tikriti, Saddam Hussein?s half brother,
expelled from the "courtroom" for casting doubt on the legality of the
kangaroo court. Barzan at-Tikriti had stood to try to report to the court
on the state of his health, according to al-Jazeera satellite TV.
At-Tikriti suffers from spinal cancer and has been usuccessfully seeking
release to a medical facility. After the "Judge" tried to silence him,
claiming that he had been trying to make a political speech, at-Tikriti
denounced the "court" as "the daughter of a whore." Iraqi President Saddam
Hussein reportedly rose and shouted "down with traitors! Down with
America!" ...

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Lawyer: Saddam to boycott next session
JAMAL HALABY, Associated Press
Saddam Hussein and his lawyers will boycott the next session of the deposed
leader's trial in Iraq to protest what they say is the bias of the new
chief judge hearing the case, Saddam's chief lawyer told The Associated
Press on Monday. "There is an unanimous decision by the defense team to not
attend Wednesday's hearing because of the comedy we witnessed in
yesterday's trial," Iraqi lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi said as he arrived in
Jordan from nei! ghboring Iraq...

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