The morality of bombing houses

The moral and legal responsibility for killing innocent children, women,
and men sleeping at their homesŠ

Only 15 child and women were killed, and one Palestinian man from a bomb
that an Israeli F16 airplane dropped, which weigh over 1000 kg, and only
150 persons were injured, some of them became handicapped. This crime did
not move Sharon or his minister, as he praised the operation being a
successful one, and blessed those who performed it. I am wondering which
measure Mr. Sharon measures his dead, which moral, religious, political, or
human measure he uses. I really don't know what pushes General Sharon to do
such a crime, while ultimate efforts are being made by Palestinian,
Israelis, American, Jordanian, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, and European
parties to calm down the situation, and while every one expect some success
for these efforts, Mr. Sharon performs such a crime which aims mainly to
kill all these efforts made to stop violence, because Sharon cannot live
without violence, without crimes, as he is not satisfied by putting 3
million Palestinian under closure, and enforce curfew for more than two
years, and stop all kinds of economical, cultural and social activity, as
he close schools, and bomb houses, and he is still called a man of peace, a
man who work for peace, what kind of peace that the Israeli government
talks about, while at the same time it is killing all chances of dialogue,
and trigger the situation to encourage reactions, and the world watches
these crimes, helpless, unable even to criticize, and instead criticize the
victims and not those responsible.

I am really sorry to say that I write these words while crying from the
depth of my sole on peace efforts, and those who work for peace, who are
standing helpless in front of General Sharon attacks, because this world
rules is the rule of power, the rule of those who owns F16 airplanes, and
smart bombs that weigh over 1000 kg and kills children in this world that
do not live by moral, religious, and human measures which equalize human
beings, and respects all nationalities, ethnics, and racesŠ this world is
for those who owns weapons, money, and control the press, and the weak ones
like us must obey and do only what they are ordered to do, we don't have an
opinion or strength, as we are always wrong no matter what we do, and we
deserve all these procedures, closures, curfew, emergency laws, racism
differentiation, and collective punishment just because we are weak, and
because those who owns the power does not have any morality or any human

But in spite all this, we say to you that we believe in GOD, and believe
that peace and hope are stronger than any weapon, that peace, hope, and
those who work for peace will win in the end, which ever sacrifices we have
to make, and no matter how strong the weapon that war generals owns, from
F16 to tanks (Markava) or bombs that weigh 1000 kg or tons, morals,
principles, and human rights will stay stronger from all this and it must
win one day, and we will become equal with every one else.

Yours in Peace & Reconciliation,

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