From: "CCRR" <ccrr at palnet.com>
To: "aba kandy" <abakande at hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 11:59:00 +0200

I hesitated lately to write on the situation here in Palestine hoping that
there would have been little hope that the Israeli government and their
loyal servant George bush junior recognize that we are human beings and we
deserve to live respectfully like the rest of human beings, and raise our
children in schools and playgrounds, feed them, that we have the right to
be happy, and angry like you exactly, if this does not offend you.

How can this happen while the measure that the American management and the
general Sharon follows is not the same measures that they use for the rest
of the world, or the international laws or any human right laws, maybe
because they do not recognize us as human beings.

I ask you all, and ask each person and all the world does is make sense
that a whole country people to be punished, more than 2 million human
being, to be prisoners inside their homes for more than 15 days until now,
without work, or income, or rights of any form.

The whole world, specially the USA and Europe, the mother of human rights
(the greater two forced in our world) doesn't move or comment or push to
let general Sharon allow at least our children to play, or laugh, or live
like the rest of the children in this world.

For your information only, in the past 15 days only there was no reaction
or any fight back from Palestinians, neither violently or non-violently, in
spite of our right to fight occupation, as its not logical to agree to live
under occupation, in spite of that, and without any reason, and just for
the cause of torture and insult, the occupation force curfew, and pushes
its tanks in the middle of narrow streets of a historical city such as
Bethlehem, destroying all that has a historical or religious value, and
shoot in all directions, frightening children, and spreading terror, and
fear in the hearts of civilians.

Is all this to fight terrorism ?!!!, and who is the terrorist, is it the
person who fight for peace like our center CCRR or who destroyers this
center, and frighten little kids, and kill all hopes for living.

I am talking about civilians, children, women, and elderly people, who does
not work in politics, and does not care about it, they are all being
punished without guilt, and without doing any thing, except for being
Palestinians, and this is also not their choice, cause we did not chose our
nationality, color, or nationalism, so why are we being punished for it?
Why we are put under curfew without doing nothing, without rights, even
garbage are gathered around the houses, and became large bulks, and the
occupation does not allow us to take it away, and that put us in the rest
of diseases being spread and that is a violation of human rights, and a
violation of environment measures, why all this?

We ask and demand and plead to all who believes in human rights, what is
happening in Palestine from violation to human rights, is collective
punishment, that is a violation to all morals, values, and measures of

We hope that each person who has humanitarian morals, to take
responsibility, and right to protest against all these violations.

Yours in peace & reconciliation,

The Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation - CCRR


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