Respond to Bradley’s sentence in your community!

Title: Prepare for worldwide call to action after sentencing

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Subject: Respond to Bradley’s sentence in your community!

Prepare for a worldwide call to action after sentencing!

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Bradley Manning Support Network

Respond to Bradley’s sentence in your community!


Immediately following the sentencing announcement of heroic WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning by the military court at Fort Meade, Maryland, join us in the streets to declare "Free Bradley Now!"

Many communities have a historic gathering location, such as a downtown intersection, central park, or other visible location. Please spread the word for folks to join you immediately following the sentencing to celebrate, protest, and/or simply show your support for Bradley.


We will likely have one day notice before sentencing occurs, so we'll have some heads up. If it takes place in the morning, we suggest gathering that evening. If it takes place in the afternoon or evening, we suggest the following day. Same-day events are more likely to be covered by your local media in conjunction with the national breaking story of Bradley's sentencing.

Please contact the Support Network for posters, stickers, and info cards. Our primary message for these response rallies: "President Obama: Pardon Bradley Manning"

Sentencing could occur as soon as Friday, August 16.



New York City

Professor Cornel West and Chris Hedges speak out for Bradley Manning (video)

Watch on Youtube

Defense to begin sentencing arguments Monday

Bradley Manning expected to give statement Wednesday

After Judge Lind’s verdict, Bradley Manning’s defense successfully merged several of the needlessly multiplied charges for sentencing purposes, so he now faces a maximum potential sentence of 90 years, instead of the previous 136. The prosecution then spent a week and a half attempting to prove WikiLeaks’ releases had caused severe damage, in an effort to send Bradley Manning to prison for decades. But the government’s own witnesses failed to confirm prosecutors’ mendacious rhetoric. Brigadier General Robert Carr, who reviewed the Iraq and Afghanistan War Logs for identified individuals, said that he could find no casualties connected with the war logs’ release.

Similarly, Undersecretary for the Department of State Patrick Kennedy reviewed the diplomatic cables to see if named activists and sources were at risk, and he too couldn’t connect any deaths or injuries to WikiLeaks’ releases.

A large portion of the prosecution’s case took place in classified sessions, closed off to the press and public, because even though the released cables are in the public domain, the government refuses to officially acknowledge them, referring to them as “purported” cables and files.

Monday, August 12, the defense will begin presenting its sentencing case with nearly two dozen witnesses, currently projected to last three days.

Courtroom notes

Two plays about Bradley Manning

Bradass87 will be performed in Washington DC on Aug 16, 17.

Courage is contagious, and the stories that we tell show what we value. Acting from conscience at any cost is a story as old as humanity and often adapted for the stage. The ancient Greek myth of Prometheus’ heroic act of rebellion against Zeus; bringing fire to humanity at the cost of his own freedom, was performed in 415 BC. Now that our own Prometheus, young, slight, gay soldier PFC Bradley Manning has the full force of the American Empire coming down on him in a tiny courtroom in Ft Meade, Maryland for “want[ing] people to know the truth,” we are learning all over again that knowledge comes at a very high price for which he may pay with life in prison. Bradley’s story has inspired two modern day playwrights to examine if the costs of rebellion and truth telling are so very different in our modern age.

Read more about the two plays here.

Watch daily live stream performances of the Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

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