manifestazione del 5 giugno a Washington per accusare Bush e Rumsfeld di crimini di guerra

June 5:
Speak Truth to Power at the White House

Mass Rally & March on June 5
Thousands at the White House will say:
"Bush and Rumsfeld - Guilty of War Crimes"
              "I plan to be in Washington DC on June 5 at the peace rally.
We will be marching from Bush's White House to Rumsfeld's house and I am
hoping that everyone who cares about peace in this country will join us."
                            - Michael Berg

Michael Berg, the father of Nicholas Berg who was murdered in Iraq, will be
a speaker at the June 5th Speak Truth to Power mass demonstration and
speak-out in front of the White House. This rally will reflect the
grassroots voices of those who have suffered and are suffering because of
the Bush administration's war in Iraq, Palestine, Haiti and right here
against working people in the United States.
The Speak Truth to Power rally will feature the voices of the mothers and
fathers of soldiers who oppose the war; those in the Muslim and Arab
communities whose families have been ripped apart through raids, detentions,
and secret hearings; representatives of the working class communities in
Washington, DC and elsewhere who are suffering because of the destruction of
social programs; we will hear the voices of the people of Haiti and the
Philippines and Korea who are living under U.S. military intervention and
occupation. June 5 is the anniversary of the Israeli seizure of the West
Bank and Gaza and we will hear the voice of the embattled Palestinian people
who to this moment are having their children shot and their homes razed as
the U.S.-backed violence escalates.
Following the People's Speak-Out, thousands of people will march through
working class neighborhoods and arrive at the home - the mansion - of Donald
Rumsfeld. Coming as it does just three and a half weeks before the June 30
phony "transfer of sovereignty," the June 5 rally and march will be a
powerful challenge by the people to the administration and its plans for
continued occupation. The people of the world and the world media will be
looking on June 5th to see if the people stand against the Bush
administration's wars of aggression.
Abu Ghraib and Vietnam
The scope and systematic practice of torture, savage beatings, sexual
assault and sick humiliation of prisoners in U.S. custody in Iraq and
elsewhere burst again into the front pages of newspapers around the world
after the publication of statements from detainees and new pictures in the
Washington Post (May 21), and the broadcast of new videos documenting a few
of the horrors inflicted on an occupied people. No one should doubt for a
moment that the people of the region are seething - they and the whole world
now know for a fact that the torture and cruelty visited upon mass arrest
detainees in Afghanistan, Guantanamo and now Iraq was an approved operation
by Bush and Rumsfeld.
On the same day as the Washington Post released the new horrifying photos,
U.S. aircraft dropped bombs on a wedding party in northern Iraq killing more
than 40 people, including the bride and groom and a large number of
children. The U.S. military followed up on the ground shooting those that
lived one by one. In response to world outrage at this massacre and the
images of wounded, dead and decapitated children, Maj. Gen. James Mattis,
commander of the 1st Marine Division, told reporters in Fallujah, "Bad
things happen in wars. I don't have to apologize for the conduct of my men."
With all the obvious differences, it is clear that in its essence the Iraq
occupation is George W. Bush's Vietnam. The Bush and Rumsfeld fantasy will
be defeated, in many ways it is defeated. That's what makes it their
"Vietnam." Unless the people of the United States act now, however, the
killing in Iraq will continue for years. In Vietnam the killing and carnage
continued for years after U.S. policy makers knew full well that they could
not militarily defeat the Vietnamese.
U.S. political and military leaders became convinced that the war in Vietnam
was not winnable as early as 1968 and yet the war dragged on for another
five bloody years. The bombing continued on, the CIA assassinations of
opponents in south Vietnam escalated (the Operation Phoenix Program) into
the tens of thousands between 1968-1973, another 30,000 soldiers went to
their graves during those years, and the number of Vietnamese civilians
killed could be counted in the thousands each week. What a waste, what a
crime, and it will be repeated in Iraq unless the people unite to demand:
End the Occupation, Bring the Troops Home Now!
The stakes are high and the June 5 mobilization will open the next stage of
the antiwar movement - utilizing new tactics to begin mass organizing on the
grassroots level in every community.
Please see the below links to find out how you can get more involved:
Get on the bus to DC! Click here to see a listing of transportation centers
from around the country. Please check back frequently, as this list is
updated daily. If you are organizing a bus, van or car caravan to be in DC,
SF or LA, fill out the Transportation Form.
Help spread the word! Multiple versions of flyers for Washington DC, San
Francisco and Los Angeles can be found on the Downloads page. These versions
Washington DC:
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          Washington DC:
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Washington DC:
Spanish language,
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          Washington DC:
Spanish language,
black and white version

San Francisco
          Los Angeles

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