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Urgent call to save the government of Honduras!. Prepares Coup d'état in

Translated from:

By: Aporrea.org / COPINH
Publication Date: 25/06/09

June 25. From 05:00 am today, are coming to our editorial called desperate
in the sense that we publish in Honduras is under a coup. Then two of the
transmitted received by this language:

June 25 .- In the national and international community, the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, COPINH, denounced the coup
perpetrated intent on the night of June 24 2009 the constitutional
government of Manuel Zelaya Rosales and the Honduran people and their most
important aspirations. This act is a desperate reaction from the right and
its allies to stop the popular will of democratic means to search for
national transformation.

The reactionary right has tried frantically to stop the National Survey to
be held this June 28 and where you are asked to Honduran society if it
agrees to install an urn in the fourth general election in November to
convene a National Constituent Assembly to prepare a new constitution.

This offensive was planned coup and executed in articulation between the
fascist National Congress, the media and their owners, the Public Ministry,
the country's most powerful businessmen and the Armed Forces who have been
acting in defiance to the French decision the executive, why denounce the
military has assumed a role similar to that of the eighties, when it served
as a tool of destabilization and repression. In this campaign, which leads
to a disproportionate act of aggression against a people of Honduras, some
sectors have joined the ranks of evangelical and Catholic churches, who have
brokered, encouraged and justified the acts of revolutionary connotation.

It also denounced the government's involvement and interference of the U.S. and its ambassador to Honduras who alerted in advance of the facts reported
here left the country, and called the managers of the WB, IMF and other
institutions around the U.S. government to abandon the country, thus
demonstrating its collusion with the coup forces.

We call on the bases of COPINH and the Honduran people in general, organized
and unorganized, to move from their community, village or city, especially
in Tegucigalpa, to express their rejection and indignation. We call them not to be intimidated by the media campaign of terrorism waged against the will
of the people and expression and their right to think and want a new
country, with justice and equity.

We call upon the international community to speak out against this attack on
the Honduran people and express their solidarity and support so as not to
violate human rights of the Honduran people.

Call organized to intensify the struggle to install the National Constituent
Assembly and People's Democratic now, at this historic moment for our

Finally, the COPINH, recognized as the sole President of the Republic,
Manuel Zelaya Rosales, so we reject any "substitute" imposed by the
imperialist powers and.

With the power of ancestral Iselaca, Lempira and our voices are raised
Etempica of life, justice, dignity, freedom and peace.
- ------------------------------------------------------------

Done in the city of La Esperanza, Intibucá, June 25, 2009

Council of Civic Organizations

Popular and Indigenous Honduras --


President Chavez. The UNASUR. A CARICOM. A PetroCaribe. The countries of
ALBA. To all the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Urgent call to save the government of President Zelaya of Honduras. The rule
does not forgive, will give a coup against the courageous president of
Honduras. Retaliation is not made to wait. The rule can not forgive
Honduras, its chairman and his brave chancellor, which led to the defeat at
the last meeting of foreign ministers of the OAS in San Pedro Sula. Scam
Alert! World! Coup in progress in Honduras. The empire strikes back. To Save the President Zelaya and his government! General mobilization of the peoples
of our America. The rule change only when it has disappeared.

Jose Jimenez
- ----------------------------------------
Honduran military chiefs quit in crisis over vote


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — The Honduran president warned that his
country's stability is at risk after the attorney general called for his
ouster and the military chiefs resigned over an upcoming national referendum
on constitutional reforms.

President Manuel Zelaya said he would seek a meeting of the Organization of
American States to address the crisis in Honduras because "the rule of law
is in danger." He called his supporters to a rally at the presidential
palace on Thursday.

"There is a crisis generated by some sectors who have promoted
destabilization and chaos with the intent of causing serious problems for
democracy in Honduras," Zelaya said in a televised address at midnight on

Zelaya has scheduled the referendum for Sunday, ignoring objections from his
own Liberal Party and a Supreme Court ruling declaring the vote illegal.

The nonbinding referendum asks voters if they want a further, binding
election on whether to call an assembly to write a new constitution.

Zelaya, a leftist who sympathizes with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has argued that Honduras' social problems
are rooted in the 27-year-old constitution but has not specified what
changes he would seek.

His critics accuse him of trying to extend his rule. Constitutional shakeups
promoted by other Latin American leaders, including Chavez, have expanded
presidential powers and eased term limits.

Zelaya's four-year term ends in January, and current law bars him from
seeking re-election.

The president said that he fired Gen. Romeo Vasquez, the head of the
Honduran Joint Chiefs of Staff, and that Defense Minister Edmundo Orellana
had resigned.

Later, Vasquez said he could not support a referendum that the courts had
declared illegal. He said the chiefs of the army, navy and air force all
resigned in solidarity, but he dismissed the possibility of a coup.

"We are prudent and we accept the decision of the president, whom we respect
and who has the right to dismiss whom he wants," Vasquez said.

On Friday, the Supreme Court ordered the military and the police not to
support the vote. The nation's attorney general and human rights ombudsman
also have declared the vote unconstitutional.

Zelaya vowed to press on with the referendum.

"Those of us who really love Honduras cannot allow democracy to be for the
few," he said. "We must fight tirelessly, without giving in, to achieve the
transformation of democracy."

Honduran Attorney General Luis Alberto Rubi urged Congress to oust Zelaya
from the presidency. He also claimed the dismissal of Vasquez had no legal

"The president had the chance to lead this country and he should be the most
reasonable man," Rubi told local television channel 5. "But he has reached
such extremes, and that means he is on the fringe of the law, and that's why
Congress needs to dismiss Zelaya."

It is unclear if there is any support in Congress for Zelaya's ouster, but
the legislature has made its opposition to the referendum clear. On
Wednesday, the 128-seat unicameral chamber voted unanimously to ask a group
of international election observers to leave, arguing their presence
legitimized an illegal vote.

"We express to the secretary-general of the Organization of American States
our profound indignation over the deployment of this mission to the
country," said Congressional President Roberto Micheletti, of Zelaya's
Liberal Party.

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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