Fw: BRASÍL: Landless Peasants Movement petition to demand that Lula & PT act now

(submitted for wide endorsement in Porto Alegre, Brazil)


Agrarian Reform Now! Land For the Landless Peasants Now!

Who can accept that day after day in Brazil the landless
peasants continue to be massacred by hired goons at the
service of the large estate owners?


Not one more landless peasant should die fighting for a
piece of land, for the survival of his or her family. No
landless peasants should die fighting for lands which are
rightfully theirs but which have been denied to them for the
past two years by Minister Rossetto and the government in
which he serves.

As in Venezuela: Agrarian Reform Now! Land For the Landless

In Venezuela, President Hugo Chávez signed on January 10 the
Decree on the Reorganization of Land Ownership and the Use
of Arable Lands that distributes land to the peasantry.
Since then, each day witnesses thousands of peasants
occupying lands to which they now have a right.

"The land must belong to the peasants, to those who really
work it," declared the president of Venezuela.

Yes, the land must belong to the peasants -- in Brazil just
as in Venezuela!

Can't the Brazilian government do immediately what Chávez
did in Venezuela? Of course it can! Today, the Brazilian
government can and must issue a similar Decree on the
Reorganization of Land Ownership and the Use of Arable Lands
distributing the land to the landless peasants.

Minister Miguel Rossetto, YOU MUST DECIDE to take such
action!  President Lula, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO ISSUE SUCH A

This is what two million landless families in Brazil  -- the
official government figure contained in the Plinio Sampio
Commission report -- are eagerly awaiting.

There is a lot of talk about "solidarity with the sister
people of Venezuela." The best solidarity we can provide to
the Venezuelan workers and peasants is to decree immediately
in Brazil: All land to those who work it!

On January 19, in the presence of the leaders of the
National Union of Workers (UNT), the independent union
federation of Venezuela, President Chávez signed Decree
3438. This measure expropriated the bankrupted Venepal Paper
Co., as the workers had demanded. Venepal had been driven to
bankruptcy by its old owners.

In Brazil there are also plants that have been driven to
bankruptcy by their owners. For two years now, factories
such as Cipla and Interfibra in Joinville (Santa Catarina)
and Flaskô in Sumaré (Sao Paulo) have been occupied by the
workers, who have kept the plants running. "Bankrupt
Factories Are Occupied Factories, and Occupied Factories
Must Be Nationalized Factories!" is the slogan of the
workers, who with their plant occupations are defending
their jobs and livelihoods.

How can it not be possible to do in Brazil what is being
done in Venezuela?

- - Nationalize Cipla, Interfibra and Flaskô!
- - Agrarian Reform Now! Land For the Landless Peasants Now!

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Please sign this statement and help us gather more

Sign this statement to send a clear message to Minister
Rossetto and the Lula government that they must decree now,
as Chávez has done in Venezuela, a land reform law so that
the land is immediately distributed to the landless peasants
of Brazil.

Send your endorsements to the O Trabalho Current of the
Workers Party, Rua Caetano Pinto, 678, Brás, São Paulo, SP
03041-000.  Email: otrabalho at uol.com.br