Fw: Argentina: Piquete y cacerola, la lucha es una sola

National Workers' Assembly meeting - a big step forward:


From the above report on the growing situation of dual power in

<<...One of the main focal points of the debate was the question of how
the workers could solve the crisis facing the country. A resolution sent
by the Union of Ceramic Workers and Employees of Neuquén (SOECN, which
is occupying the Zanón factory) and the Neuquén Movement of Unemployed
Workers (MTD), made it clear that "the effective unity between employed
and unemployed workers… is the first condition for the workers to be
able to head the necessary alliance with the ruined middle classes and
the only way we can impose a workers and popular solution to the
national crisis." They further added that: "Only the working class,
employed and unemployed, state and private sector workers, can solve the
national crisis. The employed working class produces all the wealth of
the nation. It runs transport, pulls all the levers of the economy: from
energy (gas, oil, electricity) to the financial and banking system.
Together with the militancy of the unemployed (who we consider to be
part of the working class) with their blockades of the country's
principal roads and highways, and of course with the salaried state and
municipal workers who are already in struggle and have made themselves
part of the movement, this is the fundamental social force that can give
rise to a progressive outcome to the capitalist crisis." Correctly, the
Zanón workers also made an appeal to work amongst the rank and file of
the trade unions to win organised workers away from the trade union