Fw: Colombia: Pastrana breaks off negotiation with FARC

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1. Colombia: Pastrana breaks off negotiation with FARC
Statement by the Anti-imperialist Camp

2. Let's go to Guantanamo - Shut "Camp X-ray" down!
US Anti-War activists demand closure of Guantanamo-prisons

3. Porto Alegre: Expelled not only Basks and FARC, but also Zapatistas and
the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (Argentina)


Colombia: Pacification will never bring peace for the people

The Colombian oligarchy breaks off the peace process with the FARC after not
having succeeded in imposing its “peace” without structural changes.

On Wednesday, February 20, Colombian president Pastrana announced the
definitive breaking off of the peace process with the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas
Revolucionarias de Colombia-Ejercito del Pueblo – Revolutionary Armed Forces
of Colombia-Peoples Army) and gave orders for the immediate entering of
troupes into the demilitarised zone of San Vicente Caguán. The pretext for
this breaking off of negotiations, which had already been announced by the
“anti-terrorist” crusade of US-imperialism, was the alleged kidnapping of
senator Jorge Eduardo Gechem Turbay’s plane by the FARC. This event has,
however, not not been confirmed to date.

It appears obvious that the Colombian oligarchy is not ready to build peace
in the way the majority of the Colombian poor people desire: peace with
social justice. Oligarchy seeks to pacify the country, demobilise the
revolutionary opposition in order to create appropriate conditions for
economic exploitation without social or political popular opposition.

The FARC as an organisation of profound and historical sense of
responsibility towards their people have shown that they are not ready to
commit suicide and that they are not ready to leave poor peasants,
unemployed and marginalized slum inhabitants, popular human rights activists
without any defence. They are not ready to accept peace without any meaning,
without democracy, social justice and real independence from imperialism.

Immediate responsibility for the break up of the peace process lies in the
hands of president Pastrana and the Colombian oligarchy. Measures mutually
agreed upon during the peace talks have not been put into practice by the
president. Several appeals by the FARC to continue the talks have been
ignored. Bombing of the Caguán zone has already started. Black lists of
names with alleged “guerilla collaborators” among the Caguán civil
population have already appeared.

Together with the poor of Colombia, the peasants without land, the
cocaleros, the displaced, the marginalized of the big cities and the
guerrilla as political expression of the liberation struggle we,
anti-imperialists from all over the world, firmly express our support for
the Colombian insurrection movement. We owe our respect to their courageous
decision to not cede to the pressures of “civil society” and “imperialists
masked with human rights” to accept pacification, but on the contrary to
continue to demand peace with social justice.

Entire article:


Let's go to Guantanamo - Shut "Camp X-ray" down ! !
US Anti-War activists demand closure of Guantanamo-prisons

Call for an international Delegation to converge on Guantanamo to protest
and expose The USA's hypocritical and criminal posture vis-a-vis the
treatment of prisoners, adherence to international treaties and the right to
self-determination among Peoples and Nations.

See entire article:


Porto Alegre: Expelled not only Basks and FARC, but also Zapatistas and the
Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (Argentina)

Hebe de Bonafini, spokeswomen of the Argentinian Mothers of Palza de Mayo,
who was present at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, denounces the
attempts to pacify and divide the struggle against capitalist globalisation
by those who seek to impose their idea of “human imperialism” and
“globalisation with rules and laws”. In fact, Hebe de Bonafini informs that
not only the Colombian FARC, and the popular activists  for Bask
independence were expelled from the Forum, but also the Mothers of Palza de
Mayo and the Mexican Zapatists.

See the whole speech by Hebe de Bonafini (Spanish original):

Other activists have raised their voices in criticism of the WSF in Porto
Alegre. Read this critical analyses of the concept of civil society, the
role of NGOs, Tobin tax as well as participatory democracy by major
Brasilian Trade Unionists of CUT:


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