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Earth day, la giornata della Terra, si avvicina.
Uno dei temi principali e' 'Energia Pulita Ora'

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Alessandro Gimona

An Information Update prepared by the Union of Concerned
 March 2000

 [This Update cannot be reprinted or reposted to electronic
 networks without permission and acknowledgment.]

 1) Earth Day 2000 and the Clean Energy Agenda

 Earth Day Network, the non-profit coordinating body of
 worldwide Earth Day activities, has selected "Clean Energy
 Now" as the theme for Earth Day 2000. Major events around
 the world will reflect this theme in exhibits, activities,
 lecture series, and legislative advocacy. UCS worked with
 the Earth Day Network and other environmental organizations
 to draft the Earth Day 2000 Clean Energy Agenda -- an
 endorsement campaign designed to build broad public support
 for policies that result in cleaner power, cleaner air,
 cleaner cars, and cleaner investments. The agenda contains
 bold but achievable policy goals for the "Four Cleans":

 CLEAN POWER: In the next decade, increase fourfold the
 amount of energy obtained from non-hydro renewable sources
 such as the sun and wind. By 2020, produce at least one-
 third of the nation's energy from renewable sources, and
 double the efficiency of energy use in homes, buildings,
 transportation, and industry.

 CLEAN AIR: Clean up our power plants by setting
 progressively tighter limits on all power plant pollution-
 including carbon dioxide, the major cause of global warming.
 Close the loophole that allows old coal-fired power plants
 to pollute much more than newer plants.

 CLEAN CARS: Hold sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks and
 minivans to the same air pollution standards as cars.
 Improve the fuel efficiency of new cars and light trucks to
 a combined average of 45 MPG by 2010 and at least 65 MPG by
 2020. Offer incentives that build strong markets for
 renewable fuels and for clean vehicles powered by hybrid
 motors and fuel cells.

 CLEAN INVESTMENTS: Quadruple federal investments in
 renewable energy and energy efficiency within five years,
 and continue this momentum over the long term. Stop spending
 taxpayer dollars to subsidize the coal, oil, and nuclear
 industries. Provide adequate resources and job training for
 affected workers and communities to ensure a just transition
 to a sustainable energy economy.

 Clean Energy Agenda postcards will be available at Earth Day
 events nationwide, so that people all around the country can
 send them to their elected officials. These events will also
 feature an honor roll announcing the elected officials who
 have already endorsed the agenda. And the campaign will
 continue beyond Earth Day, right up to the time Congress
 adjourns next fall.

 If you are interested in obtaining Clean Energy Agenda
 postcards for an event in your area, please see the info
 below on ordering a "UCS Earth Day Action Kit." Also,
 individuals are encouraged to endorse the Clean Energy
 Agenda themselves -- visit http://www.earthday.net/ to sign
 the on-line form.

 2) On-line Resources for Earth Day 2000

 For those of you who are interested in participating in
 events, sharing information with students or colleagues, or
 just wanting to check out some interesting information on
 Earth Day 2000, the World Wide Web is full of sites designed
 to highlight this occasion. A few of our favorites are
 listed below:

 Earth Day Network
 < http://www.earthday.net/ >
 This site is basically your one-stop shop for anything and
 everything related to Earth Day 2000: type in your location
 to find out about Earth Day events in your area, or post
 info about your own event; shop in the "Earth Day Store" for
 teaching aids, earth-friendly products, t-shirts and other
 merchandise; learn more about the Clean Energy Agenda and
 the history of Earth Day, and more.

 Earth Day Project Library
 < http://www.sdearthtimes.com/edn/ >
 Sponsored by the San Diego Earth Times, this website offers
 tips and ideas for organizing Earth Day events, including a
 downloadable (PDF version) Earth Day Organizer's Guide, an
 impressive list of resources, as well as local and
 international Earth Day contacts.

 EPA - Earth Day by Region
 < http://www.epa.gov/buildings/earthday2000/regions.html >
 Many of the EPA regional offices have information about
 local Earth Day events and opportunities to get involved.

 EPA - Energy Star Program

< http://www.epa.gov/buildings/earthday2000/ >
 Find out how the Energy Star Program and the Earth Day
 Network have teamed up to promote energy efficiency.

 Alliance to Save Energy
 < http://www.ase.org/earthday/index.htm >
 Download free PDF versions of lesson plans on energy -- for
 teachers of elementary to high school level students.

 The Union of Concerned Scientists
 < http://www.ucsusa.org >
 We soon will have pages of our website dedicated to Earth
 Day 2000. Stay tuned!

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