Re: Indios Emberas a Bogota

Comunicato di appoggio agli Indios Embera - Colombia
Appello al Ministro dell'Ambiente Colombiano per la presenza di osservatori
internazionali al tavolo delle trattative.
Saluti Paola Facchin

Embera: the occupation continues, Minister to negociate...

I just spoke with a representative of the Emberas in Bogota.
Under pressure of national and international organisation, Minister Juan
Mayr decide to postpone the action of the police and army against indians
who occupy part of the park of his ministry. So the ocupation continues and
this morning a new indian girl is born.

Secondly he accepted the possibility to begin negociations. But
the indians have asked the presence of representatives of the Human Rights
office in Bogota and this is denied by the Minister. So if you have the
possibility to speak or to write to the minister, please insist for the
presence of international observation of the negociations. This is the most
urgent, indians say.

I l'll try to resume what the indians want:

1. An extension of the land in order to compensate the impact of the dam
(turism, prostituiton, violence, ...). Minister offers 12.000 has, they ask
for 21.000 more because the land offered by the governement offers no
possibility to fish. It's not good land.

2. Acceptation of they plan of life called GENENE, as a reaction to the
consequence of the dam.

3. Benefits of the exploitation for the indians. No money, but other
benefits for all indians.

4. Progress in human rights. Investigation of the assessination of  3 of
their leaders. Stop agression against indians (saying they are against the
progress, etc...) in the newspapers, in the commission 5 of the Senate,

5. No individual compensation for the construction of the dam, (because this
causes divisions in the community), but compensations to the community.

If you can support their action, in particular asking for international
observation of the negociations, please write or call:

Ministro del medio ambiente Juan Mayr
jmayr at
Fax: 57 1/ 288 97 54     o    288 98 35      o    288 98 92
Tél: 57 1 288 68 77    o   288 98 97    o    340 62 89

Paul-Emile Dupret
Comité pour le respect des Droits humains "Daniel Gillard"