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Comunicato stampa associazioni ambientaliste
Alessandro Gimona

February 17, 2000
For immediate release

The ecological catastrophe of the river Tisza

Declaration of Hungarian Non-governmental Environmental Organizations
on occasion of the visit of the EU Environmental Commissionaire to the

1. What has happened is an ecological catastrophe and we demand that its

mitigation and the prevention of future disasters should be the highest
priority now.
2. In our view, the most urgent task is to identify possible measures to

minimise further adverse ecological impacts of the toxic pollutants,
which are now being deposited in the river and potentially disseminated
through the food chain.
3. Because of the complexity of the problem, all ecological disciplines
should be properly represented among the experts who will give their
advice on the necessary actions.
4. Reinforcement of the monitoring network and a full-scale assessment
of the damage should also be started without any delay - involving all
relevant international organisations.
5. Because of the significant international aspects, the relevant high
level representatives of the countries involved should conduct the
negotiations where they clarify the political and legal liabilities in
the context of this catastrophe and to find fair solutions for the sake
of compensation, rehabilitation and avoidance of any similar disasters
in the future. The European Union could well facilitate these
6. The responsible approach to rehabilitation is important for all
countries concerned.  The European Union has got also an essential role
in this context as both Hungary and Romania are Associated Countries of
the European Union and wish to prove that they seriously respect the
high environmental standards of the Community. The EU should closely
assess the readiness of the candidate countries to prevent such
ecological catastrophes.
7. We believe that besides the governments of these countries, the views

of the non-governmental organisations should be heard when the EU is
seeking information on the case, its policy aspects and the necessary
actions. Our environmental NGOs are ready to take part in adequate
remediation of this catastrophe.

        WWF-Hungary  &  Energy Club  &  Environmental Partnership
        National Society of Conservationists     &     Friends of the
Earth - Hungary
            Tisza Club   &  MME/Birdlife - Hungary  &   Emisszio  &
Clean Air Group
            Hungarian Traffic Club  &  Waste Management Working Group
&  Csemete
            Somogy Nature Conservation Organisation & Goncol Alliance &
            Goncol Foundation & Holocen Nature Protection Organisation &

Green Action
           Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development &
Independent Ecological Center