[Disarmo] Siria - Covid-19 gives cover for Israel & US-led coalition agenda

La Siria, la guerra, il Covid e le fake-news dell'ANSA.
L'ANSA ieri ha pensato bene di scrivere che in Siria il problema maggiore sono i suicidi a seguito della misure adottate contro il Coronavirus ( https://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/speciali/2020/04/29/siria-con-il-virus-triplicati-i-suicidi-impennata-di-divorzi_af0fa516-e80e-4ddb-a41a-fa09094323fa.html ). Per una Nazione da nove anni sottoposta ad un micidiale attacco militare esterno ed interno direi che non è male, come capacità di resistenza allo stress psichico, se più che nove anni di guerra riesce a fare un virus che in Siria, ad oggi, ha fatto ben 3 (tre) morti accertati e meno di 100 (meno di cento) contagi, come da ANSA onestamente riportato. Questa enorme strage ha indotto in un mese, secondo l'ANSA, ben 13 (tredici) cittadini siriani al suicidio. Sorge qui il dubbio che l'ANSA non sappia leggere le REALI notizie di rilievo sulla Siria. O più probabile, che le conosca ma, più semplicemente, non possa riportarle, in obbedienza ai suoi padroni. Sia come sia, gliele forniamo, umilmente, noi.

Il prolema in Siria non è il Coronavirus,
ma Israel, US troops e Sanctions.

[ Per Tiziano: si vede che Ansa non sa leggere queste notizie - ( cfr. "effetti collaterali della guerra, più che del virus, mi pare") ]

Israel exploits Covid-19 disruption to further its regional agenda

Covid-19 gives cover for US-led coalition to keep up pressure on Syria

US troop deployment and increased military footprint in north-east Syria

Sanctions: Ramped-up hybrid war to bring Syria to her knees


Written by Vanessa Beeley
Thursday April 30, 2020

1.-- Israel exploits Covid-19 disruption to further its regional agenda
2.-- US troop deployment and increased military footprint in north-east Syria
3.-- Sanctions: Ramped-up hybrid war to bring Syria to her knees

1. - Israel -
On April 27, at around five in the morning, Israel targeted residential areas of southern Damascus, killing three civilians, injuring four and causing significant material damage to homes.
The attack was carried out by Israeli warplanes unlawfully hijacking Lebanese airspace to fire their missiles into Damascus suburbs. It is the fourth such attack in the past month, two having taken place in the same week. Israeli media used the typical “self-defence-mission” arguments to justify the aggression. The EU-funded, UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced, in lock-step with Israeli media statements, that the missiles had hit positions “controlled by Iran and their proxies”, and that four “unknown-nationality” gunmen had been killed in the raid.

2. - US troops -
A steady stream of US military-vehicle convoys, loaded with military and logistical equipment have been reinforcing US military presence in the north-east, in particular Qamishli, converging on the illegal US base in Qassrak Tel Baidar. US intelligence agencies and Washington’s regional allies are exploiting the Covid-19 diversion to consolidate control over Syrian oil resources east of the Euphrates, with the help of their Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) proxies in the province. According to locals in the area, the US is not only plundering Syrian oil wealth, but also profiting from the regional agricultural abundance – or rather it is relying on its mercenaries to self-sustain economically through the looting and resale of Syrian resources.

3.- Sanctions -
The Syrian government has been effective in its handling of the Covid-19 situation. Pragmatic precautions have been taken, and medical institutions, ministries, hospitals and industrial sectors have combined forces and resources to protect the Syrian population with excellent results. Syria has 43 official cases of coronavirus, 19 recoveries and three deaths – a remarkably low number for a country that the West expected (or hoped) would buckle under the strain.
(But) Rather than respond positively to the “humanitarian” crisis generated by Covid-19 – a crisis that impacts most severely upon the Syrian people – the US has effectively maintained its “maximum pressure” campaign, tightening the sanction screws, rather than releasing them.
For Washington and its allies in the UK and EU to maintain sanctions during the Covid-19 crisis is nothing more than deliberate economic savagery. The situation is apparently being intentionally exploited to push Syria over the edge and into an economic abyss, which serves only the far-from-humanitarian agenda of the US-dominated globalist nations that are jockeying for hegemony in the region. Covid-19 has brought into sharp relief the US-alliance “humanitarian” fig leaf that is enabling perpetual war across the world. It is nothing more than barbaric that its sadistic economic policies remain firmly in place during an unprecedented global crisis. Whether this crisis is real, exaggerated or orchestrated, it is the people who are suffering, and the US coalition is exploiting their suffering for its own ends.

Articolo completo al link:
Ron Paul Institute - http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/april/30/covid-19-gives-cover-for-us-led-coalition-to-keep-up-pressure-on-syria/

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