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Belgrade, 23 March 2015


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Belgrade, Sava Center, 23 March 2015

NATO Aggression against Serbia (the FRY) in 1999 is a crime against peace and humanity, a crime whose perpetrators have not been brought to justice.

This aggression was the introducing of the NATO's global interventionism strategy under the harshest violation of the fundamental principles of the international law and the role of the United Nations, most notably, the Security Council. Thus, in the vital area of the peace and security, NATO has usurped the role of the United Nations.

NATO demonstrated a new principle: wherever the law presents an obstacle for the achievement of its goals of conquest, the law should be removed.

The panelists and all participants in the Round table have unanimously assessed that NATO, as an aggressive imperialist alliance, has nowhere in the world been a part of the solution, but rather the factor of conquests, contributor to divisions and conflicts, tearing the states apart, wreaking a "controlled" chaos (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya.

The gathering voiced are solute opposition to Serbia's entry to the NATO military system through the means of accepting the "Individual Partnership Action Plan", assessing this document as the single most serious blow to sovereignty, freedom and dignity of the nation, as abandonment of the status of military neutrality, and the act of surrendering the fate of the country into the hands of NATO. By virtues of regulating not only the military issues, but also all areas of the economic, cultural, informative and social life in general, this IPAP is embodiment of NATO's militaristic, authoritarian and imperialist concept.

The official explanations, aiming at pacifying and misleading the public, were evaluated as utterly irresponsible, dismissive and indecent. The participants referred to the IPAP's request to finalize the process of privatization, concluding that such request reveals the true nature of NATO as the leverage of the multinational corporate capital, whose goal is to establish the complete control over the economic, natural and human resources in the world.

The gathering sent a unanimous appeal to the authorities to suspend the preparations for the sale of Telekom, the EPS, the PKB, Dunav Insurance, the mines, the agricultural land, waters, and other national riches. A robust public sector in any country serves as a pillar of country's democracy, independence, and the care for the future. The question was raised-what remains of freedom and democracy if all economic, financial and natural resources are handed over to the hands of the multinational companies of the western countries? What would remain for Serbia to administrate?

NATO aggression of1999and establishment of military camp "Bondsteele" in Kosovo and Metohija were the first step in the pratical implementation of NATO's conquest strategy in the East, its deployment to the Russian borders, and nailing the wedge in the relations between Europe and Russia. The civil war in Ukraine is the corollary of NATO's strategy of Eastward expansion.

NATO and the leaders of some of its member states have publicly admitted that the aggression of 1999 had been committed in violation of the international law and the role of the United Nations Security Council. NATO and its member states are thus liable to compensate the war damage to Serbia (the FRY)in the amount of USD 100 billion.

President of Serbia, Mr.Tomislav Nikolić,in his last year's speech in Užice on the occasion of the National Day of Statehood, stated request for the compensation for war damages caused by the aggression of NATO. This presumes that the Government of Serbia should take appropriate concrete steps in order to officially present this initiative raised by the President of the Republic, publicly stated on behalf of the nation, to NATO and its members, and to launch the relevant negotiations.

An appeal was made to the competent authorities to initiate activities to determine the exact number and names of the civilian victims of NATO aggression.

An appeal was made to the competent authorities to establish, in cooperation with expert and scientific institutions, the consequences of the use of weapons with the deleted uranium, and to take appropriate measures in order to eliminate a huge public concern over the mass scale of cancers and deformities in newborns, especially in Kosovo and Metohija, with a view to protecting the health of the people against any further tragic consequences.

The UNSCR 1244 and the Constitution of Serbia are the enduring basis for a peaceful and just political solution for the status of the Province of Kosovo and Metohija. Nobody is entitled to undervalue, violate, or replace this basis. Nobody is entitled to trade the rights Serbia has to Kosovo and Metohija as an integral part of the Serbian state territory, in exchange for any short-term interests, since this would be tantamount to undermining Serbia as a state.

The government institutions of Serbia are invited to promptly request satisfying of all obligations towards Serbia as set forth under UNSC Resolution 1244, and, in particular, the following:

-Free and safe return of 250,000 Serbs and non-Albanians to Kosovo and Metohija, as soon as possible, -Return of specified contingents of Serbian military and the Police to Kosovo and Metohija -Economic reconstruction of Serbia, as set forth under UNSC Resolution 1244,

-completing the decontamination of areas in which NATO had used weapons with depleted uranium, at the expense of NATO member states,

- Deactivation of the NATO's unexploded ordnances - aircraft bombs, cluster bombs, and other ordnance, at the expense of NATO member states. Finally, the gather requested the prompt reconstruction and completion of the "Eternal Fire", Monument to the victims of NATO aggression, in the Park of Friendship, Ušće, Novi Beograd.

Panelists and participants of the Round table sent the appeal to the relevant institutions not to use the funds from the Republic Budget to finance anyone acting contrary to the national and state interests, and, in particular, those who advocate the recognition of the forcibly invaded Province of Kosovo and Metohija, and those advocating the relinquishing of the policy of the country's military neutrality.

Belgrade, 23March 2015

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