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Ciao a tutti voi, da circa un anno sto seguendo assieme a Zaira Zafarana del Centro Regis di Torino la nascita del Comitato promotore per l'Evento di pace che si terrà a Sarajevo dal 6 al 9 giugno 2014 nel centenario della prima guerra mondiale. Vedere per questo
Ora assieme ad amici austriaci tedeschi e croati abbiamo redatto il call allegato alla presente per l'avvio dell'organizzazione in quei giorni di una conferenza ed alcuni workshops dedicati agli interventi nonviolenti nei conflitti, nell'auspicio che possano costituire un'occasione di discussione in un contesto ampio e in prossimità delle elezioni per il Parlamento europeo sul ruolo degli operatori di pace e sul loro riconoscimento istituzionale.
Vi invitiamo pertanto a manifestare la eventuale disponibilità vostra e delle associazioni / organizzazioni di cui fate parte per la realizzazione e la partecipazione all'iniziativa e nell'attesa di un cortese riscontro vi saluto calorosamente.
Alessandro Capuzzo
Comitato pace convivenza solidarietà Danilo Dolci - Trieste

Proposal for contributions to the „Peace Event Sarajevo 2014“

Suggested by Alessandro Capuzzo (Civil Peace Corps Net, Italy), Christine Schweitzer (BSV/WRI, Germany), Katarina Kruhonja (Pax Christi International, Croatia) and Pete Hämmerle (IFOR, Austria)

1. Round Table on “Nonviolent Intervention”
Subtitle: “Preventing violence and working on nonviolent alternatives
2. Workshops on certain aspects or examples of the same issue
From the 6th to 9th June 2014 there is going to be a large peace event in Sarajevo in the context of the 100th anniversary of World War I. A coalition of a larger number of national and international peace organizations, among them IALANA Germany, Pax Christi, IPB, FOR Austria, War Resisters’ International and others, as well as local Bosnian initiatives, are working on it. One part of the peace event – besides cultural activities and a youth camp – will be a Forum which will combine numerous symposia, round tables and workshops. Everyone is asked to submit proposals to such events. The character of the event is that those who propose an activity are those responsible to make it happen. The Peace Event will offer the framework, but speakers, costs for travel and accomodation, translation etc. have to be picked up by those who offer a particular event.
As members of various organizations and networks who have been dealing with nonviolent intervention for a long time we would like to invite you to participate in the preparation and organization of some events in Sarajevo 2014. We think that this will be an important contribution to the Peace Event from a nonviolent approach, but also a chance to promote nonviolent intervention as an alternative to military intervention for a broader public as well as an opportunity to meet and exchange among each other and eventually to combine some efforts or create new ideas and plans for cooperation. For some of you this could also be an opportunity to combine internal meetings you are having anyway with an interesting international context.
The formats we propose in the framework of the Peace Event are:
1. A Round Table, i.e. a half day presentation and discussion on the basic ideas, concrete examples and different aspects of nonviolent intervention. There could be maybe 5 impulses on the panel which should be decided upon in detail by the preparatory group to be formed, as well as contributions of all those involved in the following discussion. Possible aspects to look upon might be the history of nonviolent interventions, unarmed civilian peacekeeping/protection of civilians, the question of institutionalization of nonviolent intervention (Civil Peace Services, European Civil Peace Corps), the view on accompaniment by those who have benefitted from it, how to involve and prepare people in nonviolent intervention,….
2. “Workshops” on specific aspects, regions or countries, organizations etc., which would last about 2,5 hours and can be offered by single organizations as well as in cooperation of several organizations or networks. The number of workshops is open and their content and methodology would lye completely in the responsibility of those organizing them. A call for workshops will be sent out by the organizers of the Peace Event in October.
3. There are also ideas to use opportunities in certain countries to prepare already for the Peace Event and build a path towards the event beforehand. Meetings, formation seminars, involvement of young people etc., with attention paid to initiatives from the past in regard to ex-Yugoslavia, as for example the Verona Forum on the Balkans, Balkan Peace Team etc..
Who are we thinking of to include – this list is not an exhaustive one; others may be suggested or would like to join in themselves:
Italian nonviolent  intervention organizations and networks
Their partners in Slovenia and Croatia
Regional organizations from ex-YU with experience in this (Center for Peace Osijek, Pakrac Project, other groups from Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo …)
War Resisters’ International
Nonviolent Peaceforce
Federation for Social Defence (Germany)
International Fellowship of Reconciliation (branches)
Pax Christi (Germany)
EN.CPS member organizations
Peace Brigades International
Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel
With this letter we would like to inform you about this opportunity and ask if you would be interested to take part in the preparation and/or the actual events. We would appreciate your first response by October 30, and then to proceed with the preparation with those willing to take part in it. If you are interested, please contact one of us:

Alessandro Capuzzo, compaxts at
Pete Hämmerle, petehaemmerle at
Katarina Kruhonja, katarina.kruhonja at
Christine Schweitzer, CSchweitzerIFGK at

With the best regards
Alessandro, Pete, Katarina and Christine