NATO Special Forces in Syria: now Official

NATO Special Forces in Syria now Official.

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NATO Special Forces in Syria now Official.
SAS and other NATO Special Forces Reported in Syria. The Daily Star is
reporting that SAS Special Operations Forces as well as agents of the
United Kingdom´s Foreign Intelligence Service MI6 are operating in
Syria. That makes it official, what nsnbc and other not state or
corporate sponsored media have reported for months. The Daily Star also
reports that other countries, including Turkey, France, and "possiblyo/oo
the USA are operating in Syria.

A whistle-blower and high-ranking officer of the U.S. Special Operations
Forces stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, disclosed already in late
August 2011 that the USA had deployed Special Forces along with other
NATO-Member States special forces in Syria.(1) The high-ranking officer
had become disillusioned about the USA and the US and NATO´s
increasingly aggressive expansionism, stating that Special Forces
increasingly were deployed to support terrorist organizations and
terrorists who are officially on the U.S. list of terrorist
organizations and the list of wanted terrorists.
The officer stated already in August 2011 that the USA was actively
preparing for at war on Syria, Lebanon and Iran, that US-Special Forces
were on the ground in Syria, supervising and cooperating with among
other armed fighters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al-Qaeda associated
Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and a cohort of other terrorist
organizations.The officer further stated, that the training of foreign
fighters, and the entire "operationo/oo is planned and executed along the
guidelines of a Special Forces Training Circular for Foreign Fighters
and agents, called TC 18-01. The confidential Training Circular has been
published in it´s entirety in a previous article on nsnbc. (2) When
comparing the evolution of the crisis in Syria with the training manual
in unconventional warfare it becomes evident that the development in
Syria is cynically planned and executed by foreign powers.(ibid.)
Western Main Stream Media has for more than one year neglected numerous
witnesses, experts and analysts reports about the presence of Special
Forces in Syria. The fact that reports about Special Forces are being
published now is most likely a function of the wider publics
manipulation towards accepting, or even demanding a larger military
intervention under the pretext of humanitarian principles.
Thus the Daily Star reports, in the following order, that Special Forces
are in the country to:
    help protect refugees in Syria along the borders.
    help armed groups in Syria.
    use high-tech satellite computers and radios that can instantly send
    back photos and details of refugees and Syrian army as the situation
According to The Daily Star a senior Whitehall source stated that "There
are guys in the communication unit who are signalers that can go right
up front and get involved in close-quarter fighting.o/oo The same source is
reported to have said that "safe havenso/oo are expected to be set up
around areas that are easily accessible and even within walking distance
of trouble spots.
Among the trouble spots are mentioned  Krak des Chevaliers, some 25
miles west of Homs, close to the border to Lebanon,  As Suwayda, near
the border with Jordan and Jisr al-Shughour near the Turkish border.
The "trouble spotso/oo mentioned by the senior Whitehall source are not
surprisingly in the same areas that both the author of this article and
other analysts identified as corridors for infiltration of insurgents,
arms and logistics from Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, already months ago.
Not that more clear evidence as the fact that NATO Special Forces
operate in Syria is needed to establish that the crisis in Syria is
fermented by foreign powers and that it is not endemic to Syria and
Syrians, but the fact that the corridors that were long ago identified
by analysts as corridors for foreign mercenaries and special forces are
now declared to be "trouble spotso/oo should dot all I´s and cross all T´s
for anyone who has doubts about that Syria is the victim of an illegal
aggression that is planned, fermented and executed by and under control
of NATO.
What is extremely important in the article of the Daily Star is that it
is desensitizing the reader to NATO forces operating inside Syria
illegally, which is a crime that falls under the Nuremberg Principles,
while the article in spite of evidence to the contrary maintains that
the massacre in Al-Houla, was committed by the Syrian Military. (3)
While the evidence points to a cynical, cold blooded attack on families
that were against the insurgency or supportive of the Syrian government;
while many were shot at close range, execution style, and most
importantly, while the massacre could very well be a typical NATO false
flag operation to provoke sentiments for a military intervention, the
Daily Star is selling the war crimes, the gross violation of Syrian
territory, and the undeclared war under the guise of the SAS
establishing safe camps in Syria. If NATO Special Forces in deed
establish safe camps for civilians, it would be for PR purposes to cover
over the "safe terrorist camps it establishes for NATO mercenarieso/oo
The fact that the Western public is being desensitized with respect to
"their boyso/oo being deployed to Syria is one more indication for that a
major military intervention can be expected in the nearest future, and
latest by late August or the beginning of September this year. The Arab
League´s attempt yesterday, to make Nilesat and Arabsat cease to carry
Syrian media signals over their satellites is one more indication of an
imminent war and heightened propaganda efforts.(4) Absolute image
control is an integrated part of modern NATO warfare doctrine.
Special Forces are most likely not only involved in support, logistics
and combat operations as well as terror against the Syrian government
and Syrian civilians. One of the important functions of Special Forces
in Syria will be the preparation of airborne attacks, preparations for
targeting air defenses, air-force installations, communications, missile
The fact that the Syrian State, Government, Security Forces as well as
the People of Syria have resisted the cynical, criminal, onslaught for
over one year makes it extremely unlikely that NATO can destabilize the
country sufficiently to bring about the wanted regime change without an
overt military intervention and the use of Air Force and Cruise
A regime change in Syria would have no other function than to
destabilize Syria so much that it will fall apart and degenerate into a
protracted civil war, Lebanese Civil War Style for the coming decade.
The ultimate purpose of the entire campaign is to destabilize Syria and
Lebanon so much, that an attack on Iran becomes feasible in the eyes of
NATO Strategists. The recent activation of NATO´s anti missile shield is
most likely established with the expectation that it would prevent
Russia from intervening without having to consider the risk of being
targeted by a nuclear first strike by NATO.
After failing to cast Syria into a protracted civil war for one year the
only option for NATO that remains, however, seems to be an overt
military attack on Syria. An attack that would most likely have more
than regional consequences; regardless how threatening the NATO first
strike capability against Russia may seem to be.
 Christof Lehmann
1) Arabian Summer or NATO´s Fall. Christof Lehmann (2011)
2) US-Military Logic behind Syrian Insurgency. The Special Forces
Unconventional Warfare Manual TC 18-01. Christof Lehmann(2012)
3) SAS set up Safe Camps in Syria.
4) Preparation of Absolute Image Control in War on Syria. ChristofLehmann(2012)

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