Lettera di James Circello, ex Caserma Ederle

Alla c.a. dei mezzi di informazione

Vi invio in allegato la lettera di James Circello, ex soldato della
Caserma Ederle di Vicenza oggi molto attivo nel movimento contro la
guerra negli USA.

Il Comitato Vicenza Est sta in questi giorni per aderire ad una
campagna internazionale in solidarietà ai soldati che sono in carcere
per aver detto no alla guerra
Alcuni giovani soldati della Caserma Ederle sono infatti stati
trasferiti in carcere in Germania.

Andrea Licata - addetto stampa "Comitato degli abitanti e dei
lavoratori di Vicenza-Est- Contro la costruzione di una nuova base a
Vicenza- Per la conversione della Caserma Ederle ad usi civili"

To the Men, Women and Children of Italy, committed to ending the role of
the United States military in your country:

	I applaud you, as I read statements and descriptions of the
protests and demonstrations in your great cities. I wish your
enthusiasm could make its way to North America, where it could be used to
directly confront one of the most famous War Criminals
that the world has ever known: George W. Bush.

	The campaign you have all begun in Vicenza, with the No Dal Molin
Movement, is just the beginning. The United States wishes to
place permanent bases around the world. According to reports from 2003, the
United States currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in
about 130 countries and has another 6,000 bases in the United States and
its territories.

	Today, in 2007, these numbers have changed.  They have grown. The
United States now has active duty troops is close to 150 countries.
With 832 bases spread through those countries, it is easy to see that the
United States has done nothing to slow down its march to Empire.

	Now with construction for permanent bases in Iraq and Afghanistan,
the United States will have staging points to invade the other parts of
the world that it still has yet to exploit.

	I am not against America, but I am against the foreign policy of my
country that alienates us from the world and brings so much
suffering across this globe. I realize that while I write this letter and
e-mail it from my warm home, many people around the world are
dying from lack of the basic essentials to sustain life. We must form long
lasting friendships and alliances, across borders, across oceans,
and begin to pull one another up. Government will never do this for us. The
People must take charge of their futures if they wish to have a future.

	The biggest lie in America, is that our military spreads Democracy
and brings hope to some many people. But the truth is that
our military is in 150 countries and hasn't scratched the surface and has
no idea what it means to bring hope. The U.S. military is
trained to kill from Day 1, they are not trained to be diplomats. They are
not trained to bring hope and I reject this false idea.

	So you see, my Italian friends, this battle you are engaged in will
certainly have an end. The United States may grow tired
of the increase in the destruction of the Dal Molin construction area and
try to steer away from this particular site to place their war machines.
But you must follow them wherever they go! Do not allow them to park their
Fighter Jets and Tanks in your country.

	After you stop the new constructions, move your attention to the
old bases. Educate neighbors and friends from the surrounding European
on you were able to stop the Dal Molin base. Teach them the truth behind
these bases. Teach them that the only thing the economy will benefit from
is an
increase in alcohol and strip clubs. If you must, go to these countries and
aid them too in their fight. But the fact is the United States must takes
its hand
out of Europe, out of Asia, out of the Middle East, and out of the world.

	Your struggle is the beacon that is spreading hope to so many
people. It can be achieved and will be. And on the day your country
is completely yours again, you will breathe a bit easier without the sounds
of United States combat boots marching through your streets.

	On a completely separate note, I want to thank you for the help The
People of your cities have given to the U.S. Soldiers who choose Peace over
and have abandoned their uniforms to stand up against the illegal wars the
United States has brought to the People of the Middle East. The friendships
that have begun are everlasting and more powerful than the Heads of State
can ever imagine. With your help, and help from the people around the
world, U.S. soldiers
will realize there are other options than participating in Genocide to pay
for college tuition. I ask that you continue your support for the Vicenza
soldiers who
resist fighting illegal war, and that you aid them in any way possible.
There are several soldiers currently locked away in Germany, from the base
in Vicenza - do not
forget about them. And let Caserma Ederle know you haven't forgotten them.
And make sure the men and women on Caserma Ederle aren't able to forget

The People will Respond,
James Circello; Iraq Veterans Against the War
February 1, 2008