Constitution: opening the door to immigrants?

<>  Dossier
<>Constitution: opening the
door to immigrants?
If ratified, the constitutional treaty will protect the rights of
immigrants. Meanwhile, national governments are doing all they can to stem
the flow. Here you will find analyses, interviews and opinion pieces on
controversial European immigration policy.

 <> Will the
constitution be more humane when it comes to migration?
For several years now, the right to asylum, visas and the control of
external borders have been a European Community competence. Will the
European constitution reinforce the free movement of people?
		 Elise Poudevigne - Paris

 <> "There are no
definite plans to create camps outside Europe"
Is Europe to become an impregnable fortress? Friso Roscam Abbing, spokesman
for Franco Frattini, the European Commissioner responsible for Justice,
Freedom and Security, responds to our questions
		 Andrea Bassi - Paris

 <> Europe and exclusion
Through the debate on identity and the questions of expansion and
immigration, Europe is trying to establish its boundaries. Borders give a
sense of safety and security, but can also be a source of repression for
those on either side of them
		 Johannes Krause - Berlin

 <> The end of a
left-wing fantasy
The German visa scandal has spiralled into an absurd debate about the
popular foreign minister, Joschka Fischer. Yet amidst heated discussion of
great ideals, the vision of a cosmopolitan Europe is becoming an ever more
distant reality
		 Max Conrad - Lund

 <> The Schengen
Agreement and the new member states
On May 1 2004, ten Central and Eastern European countries joined the
European Union. This expansion marked the reunion of two parts of the same
continent but also unleashed numerous fears
		 GrÈgory Mounier - Paris

 <> "Old member states
are tired of immigrants"
In an interview with cafÈ babel, Ingrid Baumanov·, the executive director
of the Slovak Helsinki Committee, discusses the issues immigration raises
in the new member state
		 Marcela Glevick· - Bratislava

 <> Massive immigrant
The recent regularisation by the Spanish government of many illegal workers
has caused a stir in the media. But with similar procedures already in
place in many other European states, what are the critics of the move
basing their argument on?
		 T. Hochmann/N. Poullain - Paris/Madrid

New Neighbours
With 25 EU members who's still left behind?

by Tiscali Europe

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