[REQ] Informazioni su tesi: Internet-diritti umani

My name is Stefania and I'm a 24 year old Italian student who is graduating
in International Political Science at the catholic University of Milan
(Italy). I'm currently writing a graduation thesis on an important and
controversial issue: Internet and Human Rights. As yet I found enough
materials to start writing my thesis, but I miss a direct opinion, a
realistic judgment or an evaluation from the people and the
non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world.
The NGOs that deal with the Human Rights issue might be interested in my
research and so I would like to ask them to communicate their opinion
comparing their own experience with the questions below. In the end it is
very important for me to have your authorization to cite what you are going
to send me in my thesis. Materials can be written in English, French,
Spanish, Italian or Portuguese!
Here are the questions:
- It is now recognized that the Internet has become one of the most rapid
means to publicize, circulate and find information, especially in the area
of Human Rights. How can the Internet be used as an educational tool for
Human Rights?
- How can the Internet be used to organize international networks?
- What are the problems related to the education of adults and children?
- How can the Internet be used to promote freedom, freedom of expression
and Human Rights?
- Is universal access possible?
- What are the obstacles to Internet access (economic barriers,
- Which technical aspects of the Internet are useful for the promotion and
protection of Human Rights?
- Does anonymity ensure the protection of Human Rights?
- Where will this technology lead us?
- How to combat the use of the Internet to perpetrate violations of Human
- What jurisdictional authority can we envisage for the Internet and Human
- Is the Internet useful during a civil war?

I would like to thank you in advance for everything you are going to do for
my research and I hope to receive some news very soon.
Yours in peace,