Iranian trade unionist, il sito adesso funziona

per favore ricollegatevi al sito di Labourstart (e' una lista del sindacato internazionale) che e' rimasto per qualche giorno isolato ma adesso funziona, e inviate una mail per impedire l'esecuzione di Farzad Kamangar, insegnante iraniano di origine kurda, condannato a morte nel febbraio scorso per attivita' sindacale. Nei giorni scorsi e' stato condotto fuori dalla cella in preparazione dell'esecuzione della sentenza. Le ultime notizie lo danno ancora vivo, ma non e' chiaro quale sara' il suo destino nei prossimi giorni.
Grazie. Ersilia

Vi si presenteranno due pagine, cliccate per l'invio entrambe le volte

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 14:38:35 +0000
From: LabourStart <ericlee at>
To: labourstart-en at
Subject: We're back - and we need your help

As you may be aware, LabourStart was offline for most of Wednesday and
Thursday this week.

This was due to a decision by our web hosting company to move
LabourStart to an 'auxiliary server' which effectively shut us down.

This decision of theirs followed a huge surge in traffic when we
launched our appeal in support of Iranian Kurdish teacher Farzad
Kamangar on Wednesday.

It took six phone calls, countless emails, and nearly 36 hours to
convince them to put LabourStart back online.

Obviously, we're going to need a better web hosting company. We're
working on this right now.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Farzad was not hanged as we feared. That's
the good news. But he is still under sentence of death.

We've been asked by the Education International to continue with the

We've modified the text slightly but it is essentially the same campaign
as before.

If you have not already sent a message, please do go here:

The Education International has its own online campaign - feel free to
participate in it as well:

Finally, individual messages can be sent by email to President
Ahmadinejad: dr-ahmadinejad at

I apologize to all of you for what happened this week and can assure you
that we are taking steps to prevent this from happening again.


Meanwhile, the IUF has launched an interesting online campaign in
support of workers at the Pearl Continental Karachi Hotel in Pakistan.
Workers at that hotel have been fighting for over 7 years against
sackings, harassment, violence and imprisonment to have their union

The owners of the hotel are participating in the BBC's online World
Challenge competition. The World Challenge awards enterprises working
"responsibly" at "grassroots level" to "make a difference." To learn
more and to send off your protest to the competition judges, go here:

Thank you!

Eric Lee

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