(Fwd) Avert Nuclear War Over Kashmir

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Subject:        	Avert Nuclear War Over Kashmir

Dear friend,

The conflict between India and Pakistan over the disputed
territory of Kashmir is edging ever closer to a nuclear war.  A
nuclear exchange between these rival nations could kill 12
million people and spread radioactive fallout around the globe.
Please join us in calling on President Musharraf of Pakistan and
Prime Minister Vajpayee of India to step back from the brink of

Sign a message from concerned citizens of the world to these two
leaders at:


Both leaders are currently banging the drums of war.  Yesterday,
Pakistan tested its third missile in as many days, emphasizing
its ability to deliver nukes to the Indian capital city New 
Delhi in under three minutes.  Prime Minister Vajpayee told the 
700,000 troops stationed along the border of Pakistan that he 
was preparing for "a decisive victory."

While India has stated that it will only use its nukes in
the case of a nuclear attack, Pakistan has made clear that it 
will strike first if threatened.  And there's reason to believe 
that it will follow through on this policy: in 1999, such an 
attack was narrowly averted, over the protest of then-General 

More worrying still, India and Pakistan have broken their
diplomatic ties.  Unlike the US and the USSR during the Cold War,
India and Pakistan have no direct line connecting the leadership
of each nation.  The possibility exists that nukes could be
launched as a result of a mistake, since there's no easy way for
the leadership of one nation to verify the intentions of its
rival.  With millions of lives in the balance and weapons on
hair-trigger alert, the lack of communication between the two
countries is just plain wrong.

If India and Pakistan were to go to war, the effects would be
felt around the world.  The trade winds above the two countries
are ideally situated to spread nuclear fallout.  Essentially
highly radioactive dust, fallout can cause leukemia and many
other kinds of cancer, as well as radiation poisoning.

Assuming either nation survived the attacks, it's unlikely that
the conflict would even be resolved.  Instead of pushing their
countries toward Armageddon, Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. Musharraf must
re-establish diplomatic ties, disavow the use of nuclear weapons
under any circumstances, and work toward a comprehensive
agreement on the future of Kashmir.

Please let them know that you're deeply concerned about the
escalating conflict today:


The lives of millions of Indians and Pakistanis could be at


--Eli Pariser
  9-11Peace Campaign Director
  Tuesday, May 28, 2002

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