Re: US to attack Iran by end of April: report

Allora, sul 6 aprile hanno già cannato...questi rilanciano con "la fine del 
mese". Cos'è? Fanno a gara a chi indovina meglio la data dell'attacco?
Un po' cinico comunque...
Buona Pasqua,

On 7 Apr 2007 at 18:44, Valentino R wrote:

> India News 
> Thursday April 5, 2007 
> The US is planning to attack Iran's nuclear reactors and other nuclear
> facilities by the end of this month, the Kuwait-based Arab Times
> newspaper reported Wednesday. Citing anonymous sources in Washington,
> it said that various White House departments had started preparing the
> political speech to be delivered by the US president later this month,
> announcing the military attack on Iran. The speech will provide the
> 'evidence' and the 'justification' for the US to resort to the
> military option after failing to persuade Tehran to give up its
> nuclear ambitions, said the report. According to the Times, one of the
> justifications expected in the speech is Iran's alleged role in the
> killing of American soldiers in Iraq by supporting various militias
> with money and arms. The US president's speech will also point to
> Iran's political interference in Iraq, obviously in cooperation with
> Syria. The sources were quoted as saying that US will not resort to a
> ground attack in order to avoid human losses.