R: per l'estradizione a Pinochet

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Da: Olivier Turquet <turquet at dada.it>
A: <umanisti at href.org>
Cc: <pck-diritti at peacelink.it>; <pck-pcknews at peacelink.it>;
<pck-buone at peacelink.it>
Data invio: giovedì 20 gennaio 2000 21.25
Oggetto: per l'estradizione a Pinochet

> Ciao a tutti,
> e' in corso una petizione al Segretario di Stato britannico Jack Straw per
> sollecitare l'estradizione in Spagna di Pinochet, promossa da numerose
> associazioni tra cui gli umanisti cileni.
> Si tratta di mandare via email questa lettera all'indirizzo:
> gen.ho at gtnet.gov.uk
> il tutto prima di martedi' prossimo 25 Gennaio.
> Passate parola
> Ciao Olivier
> --------------------------------
> The Rt. Hon.
> Jack Straw, MP
> Secretary of State for Home Affairs
> Home Office
> 50 Queen Anne's Gate
> London SW1H 9AT
> Dear Mr. Secretary of State:
> We know how delicate your position is and what pressures are exerted
> on you from all sides. Yet we cannot accept that you consider releasing Sr
> Pinochet on grounds of his poor health. What precedent is there for a war
> criminal to be released because he may not stand the strain of a trial?
> Sr Pinochet would be released on compassionate grounds, thus
> depriving his victims and theirs relatives and friends, or citizens of the
> world, of ever seeing justice done, while those he had tortured and
> assassinated never had the benefit of either compassion or a fair trial.
> Besides, we are convinced that the "humanitarian" question raised
> about Sr Pinochet has already been answered insofar as Spanish Penal Law
> has established sufficiently comfortable forms of emprisonment for people
> over 70 and we consequently consider that no additional measure is called
> for on the part of British authorities to meet this demand for compassion.
> So far we had admired your unwavering support to the cause of
> justice. Yet, as you now win Mrs Thatcher's approval, you may be
> condemning Pinochet's victims and the relatives and friends of those he
> had killed to renewed moral torture, in a most literal sense (cf. European
> Court for Human Rights, case of "Kurt vs. Turkey" - 25 May 1998), torture
> that has already lasted for 25 years and in some cases has gravely
> impaired the survivors' health.
> It still seems to us that the only possibility for Justice to be done is
> for the former dictator to be tried in Spain. We would have preferred a
> trial in Chile, but whatever the current government now claims, it seems
> impossible under the present circunstances (cf. the report produced by the
> International Federation of the Leagues of Human Rights - March 1999). Any
> suggestion that he should be tried either by the International Penal
> Tribunal or in Chile is a dilatory move that would result in removing him
> from the hold of European Justice. Besides, we cannot quite understand why
> he should be too frail to stand a trial in Spain, but not to face a
> transtlantic flight and a trial in Chile.
> We therefore trust that you will resume your former position and
> support the demand for Sr Pinochet to be tried. Human Rights are not
> patient of a third way. They demand Truth and Justice.
> Yours sincerely,
> Nome, indirizzo, citta', Paese
> ---------------------------