vivere i smeraldi di Una

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> La speranza e' verde, no?


"Dobbiamo andare
Decideremo più tardi
Inanzitutto, dobbiamo partire al più presto"
[Slavko Mihalic'] 
(for fair use, only - Dk)


How do you refresh your energies quickly, turning to be how you like to 
be or to find yourself in places you love, or in ones you still dream 
to visit? You trained yourself for many years to refresh yourself 
during long travels in car, and instead of a classic 20-min nap usual 
for professional drivers, yours take 4 minutes, that what makes part of 
your various excercises. You practice it even when you find in various 
auto-grills or all mickey-mouse plastic places. The third eye opens 
better with a help of a beer, or red wine. 

So for example, in this story, you descend along a high-plane, follow 
the road surrounded with stone fences, with signs of horses' and cows' 
hoofs and their dung, pass by a place where one darkest night you hit a 
fiercelly barking running dog with a stone, arrive to the junction, 
take left, cross a fence and get into an fresh oak wood, come to 
another junction in the village, pass the place where a maiden once 
stood with her tightly stretched bottoms exposed to the passer's eye, 
the poles where the Halloween head made of melons usually were 
appended, rush down a steep piece of the road, and approach the end of 
the high-plane, seeing known mountains in Lika, distant and sun-bathed, 
beholding the rim of the cliff where the plane ceases and canyon 
begins. When arriving to the rim of the plane, you  regulary think 
about a girl you could have loved more, if she as well, only wanted it 
resolutely. That's what you think. But now Una is enough for you. You 
take a breath, and plunge. 

To Una, unica.

Descending is hard and long, but after the long and rhytmical downward 
chase, you got her.

All that in 4-5 minutes lapse of time, and you feel reborn.

Una is enough for me.

Dk, XI-1999.

"Dai, amore, non indugiare
Al diavolo le valigie
Sicuramente sono già irradiate
Non prenderemo la strada
Ci sono degli agguati
Partiremo via aria aerea
Tra le stelle..." - [Slavko Mihalic'] for fair usage, only