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Cari amici,vi giro questa@ perché cosi vedete cosa vuol dire l'occupazione,e come si comporta l'esercito della" unica democrazie" in m.o
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Israeli Soldier Shoots Handcuffed And Blindfolded Palestinian Prisoner

2 Minute Video

Raw Footage

Al Jazeera Report



Prisoner, Israelis' target practice
Sun, 20 Jul 2008 21:33:11?

A human rights group has released a video showing an Israeli soldier shooting at an arrested Palestinian in a West Bank village.?

The footage released by B'Tselem on Sunday shows a 27 year Palestinian handcuffed and blindfolded as an army officer holds him by the arm and another soldier shots rubber bullets at his leg.?

The Palestinian man, identified as Ashraf Abu Rahman, was wounded in the July 7 incident in Nilin.?

"During the demonstration the soldiers caught me, arrested me - and after a few moments I heard shots and felt a fire in my body. I was afraid and didn't know what it was," Abu-Rahma said.?

Abu Rahman told Press TV that he was not the first or the only one who had been "suppressed in this way."?

"I did not know what was going on around me but after a while I realized that I was shot," he added. "This is my right and the next generations' right to resist and defend our land against Israel."?

A 14-year old girl from the village filmed the incident from the window of her home.?

The Israeli Army says it will launch a probe into the incident.?

The West Bank village of Nilin is the scene of regular protests against Israel's separation barrier.?

Israel is going on with its plan to construct the barrier despite a 2004 ruling by the Court of Justice calling for a halt in the project.?



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