Newsletter Anno 3, n. 12 - 21 giugno 2005

Anno 3, n. 12 - 21 giugno 2005

A cura di Gabriele Sospiro
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E sì anche quest'anno il Circolo Africa si sta preparando ad andare in
ferie, almeno per quanto riguarda il ristorante. Da domenica 26 giugno non
potrete più mangiare enjera e cous cous fino al 2 settembre quando poi
riapriremo nuovamente. Alcune attività comunque proseguiranno come la nostra
newsletter, il corso di immigrazione on line, il campo con i volontari in
arrivo il 4 luglio da mezza Europa, i viaggi in Etiopia ad agosto di cui vi
diremo in un'altra parte della newsletter, e molto molto altro ancora.


Il Centro di Documentazione e Ricerca per la Cittadinanza Attiva è aperto il
Martedì e Giovedì dalle 10 alle 13.00 e dalle 15.00 alle 18.00. È attivo il
servizio di consultazione libri e riviste e di prestito libri. Se avete
libri da proporre per l'acquisto fatevi sentire! Presso il Centro potrete
inoltre avvalervi (su prenotazione telefonica) di consulenza su tesi di
laurea e ricerche riguardanti immigrazione ed economia politica, su
tematiche inerenti il terzo settore e il volontariato, assistenza per
specifiche ricerche internet, anche di natura bibliografica, consulenza
sulla letteratura post-coloniale di lingua inglese e letteratura migrante.
Per contatti ed eventuali prenotazioni 071/2072585

Warsaw Mayor "shocked" by Gay Pride Parade

The Mayor of Warsaw is shocked that despite his ban, a Gay Pride Parade took
place in the city and that it was joined by some well-known politicians.
Lech Kaczynski told Polish Radio that the decision of the organizers to defy
the ban issued by the Warsaw city authorities undermines the functioning of
the state. In his opinion conclusions should be drawn from this. Kaczynski
was also outraged by what he described as unequal police treatment of the
Parade and a counter-demonstration. He said that the police attacked mainly
the latter, staged by the All-Poland Youths (Mlodziez Wszechpolska)
organization even though both events were illegal.
The All-Poland Youths attacked the Gay Pride Parade, throwing stones,
bottles and eggs at the gays and lesbians as well as their supporters. More
than 2500 people took part in the gay parade.

Polish Senate supports Polish Union in Belarus

The Polish Upper House will continue support for the Polish Union in
The speaker of the house has met with Andzelika Borys , the newly elected
head of the union. Results of the elections have not been recognised by the
Belarus Justice Ministry which claims that the post of the head of the
Polish Union still belongs to the former leader of the organisation.
Andzelika Borys has presented the situation of the Polish minority resident
in Belarus and pointed to the fact that the country's authorities continue
to attack Polish diplomacy and Poland.
The Polish Foreign Ministry is preparing political steps to be taken towards
Belarus. Belarus authorities continue to interfere into the internal affairs
of the Polish Union and have banned the publishing of the Polish language
weekly "Glos znad Niemna".

Four presidential election committees are registered

The State Electoral Commission has registered election committees of four
presidential candidates.
Marek Borowski, leader of the Social Democracy of Poland, Zbigniew Religa, a
renowned surgeon, Maciej Giertych from the right wing League of Polish
Families and a little known engineer Zbigniew Rolinski. However, a dozen
persons have signalled their intention to run for president in the autumn
The registered committees can officially start the election campaign now,
collect funds and organize various events to promote their candidates. The
election campaign will be long - it will last 4 months. The deadline for
submitting candidates for president expires at noon on August 25.

65th anniversary of first transport to Auschwitz Nazi death camp

Commemorations of the 65th anniversary of the first transport of prisoners
to the Auschwitz concentration camp have began in the southern city of
It was from there that the Nazis had gathered 728 young Poles, mostly
soldiers who hadn't escaped after the German onslaught in 1939, to be sent
to Auschwitz. They arrived at the death camp on June 14th, 1940, which is
considered to be the official date of the establishment of what was to
become the biggest graveyard in World War Two and the site of the Holocaust.

Arabian trail in Warsaw bomb scare

The man who was apprehended on Friday after sending a false bomb scare in
Warsaw claims that he "worked for an Iranian".
The police claims that they have no information whatsoever about such a
person but an identikit picture was put on the Internet. 30 year old Robert
O. from one of Warsaw suburbs sent a warning e-mail to a commercial TV
He was immediately arrested but as the police had no way of checking if his
threats were real, downtown Warsaw was evacuated on Friday early afternoon
when the explosion of a bomb with highly poisonous gas was to take place.
The man faces eight years in prison but it is just as probable that the
scare was a result of his mental instability and he will be sent to a
lunatic asylum.

Right-wing activists plan Normality Parade

Members of the right-wing All Polish Youth organisation (Mlodziez
Wszechpolska) intend to organize a "Normality Parade" this coming Saturday.
One of their leaders informed the media that their aim is to show that a
vast majority of Polish society supports normal marriages of one man and one
woman. The Parade is meant as an answer to Gay and Lesbian Equality Parade
which took place last Saturday.
Member of the European Parliament Wojciech Wierzejski hopes that the parade
will change the international opinion about Poland. Mr Wierzejski announced
that he intends to demand an all-European ban on Gay and Lesbian parades.
The MP is certain that the mayor of Warsaw who attempted to ban the Equality
Parade will "take the right decision" and allow the parade at such short
The mayor, however, responded that he was not sure if the parade was such a
good idea as his doubts concerned demonstrating sexual preferences
regardless of their character. If the mayor does not allow the Parade, it
will be organised as an election meeting of the League of Polish Families
(LPR)which does not require the such an approval.

Polish PM: EU Charter may be ratified by Parliament

Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka has said that Parliament should quickly
ratify the European Union constitutional treaty.
According to observers this is the strongest signal yet that the ruling left
may drop plans for a national referendum, which was tentatively scheduled
for 9 October, along with the presidential elections. In a radio interview,
Belka said that it would be extremely difficult to convince Poles to support
a treaty whose ratification has been delayed by several countries and which
was rejected by France and the Netherlands. Despite this, the ratification
of the treaty would be in Poland's interest, the prime minister said.
The Polish president, prime minister and parliamentary leaders are to meet
tomorrow to discuss how to move forward with ratification.

Turkey has 6,500 registered refugees

Approximately 6,500 people are officially registered as refugees in Turkey,
Amnesty International's (AI) Turkey Coordinator for Refugee Rights Taner
Kýlýç said.
  This is only the visible part of the iceberg, Kýlýç said at a weekend
press conference on the eve of World Refugee Day. He was referring to those
who are unregistered.
  Stressing that Turkey was both a transit and a destination country for
refugees, Kýlýç said the number of illegal entrants, refugees and immigrants
captured in Turkey last year reached 90,000.
  Kýlýç, a lawyer by profession, pointed out that the theme of this year's
World Refugee Day was courage  since fleeing home and seeking asylum in
another country requires courage. Kýlýç said the right of asylum was a
fundamental right in accordance with the Universal Declaration on Human
Rights and made clear that people seeking asylum face pressure in their home
country due to their race, religion, nationality and political thought.

Over 8,000 forced out of their homes
  Kýlýç said human rights abuses in Asian and African countries pushed
people there to seek asylum in affluent Western countries, namely the United
States and European states.
  According to a report released by the Norwegian Refugee Council, civil
wars and human rights abuses forced 8,000 people per day to flee their homes
and seek refuge elsewhere within their countries [last year]. The total
number of internally displaced people is estimated at 25 million in about 50
countries across all continents, 50.8 percent of whom are women, 41 percent
are below the age of 18 and 5 percent are below the age of five,Kýlýç said.
  Mentioning that there were a number of shelters and refugee centers
throughout the world, Kýlýç complained that their number in Turkey was not
  Ayça Uluseller, AI Izmir group women's rights coordinator, emphasized that
female refugees were particularly subjected to sexual abuse. Uluseller said
she collected 25,000 petitions for the opening of women's shelters and for a
solution to the problems encountered by female refugees and had sent the
petition to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan.

Turkey in support of Mideast reforms
Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül said yesterday that Turkey would maintain its
support for the democracy and reform process in the Middle East but added
that "The pace of and nature of this process will be determined by the needs
and expectations of the people and governments of each country."
  Gül was speaking at a Democracy Assistance Dialogue (DAD) symposium in
Istanbul organized by the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation
(TESEV). "At this point I can only say that Turkey's dedication to
supporting democracy and reform efforts in the region will continue," he


ROMA - A Brescia è entrato in vigore da una settimana. A Roma è questione di
giorni. A Prato si aspetta solo la nomina del rappresentante della questura.
Lo sportello unico per l'immigrazione, istituito con un regolamento
attuativo della Bossi-Fini lo scorso febbraio, finora era una realtà
virtuale. Ora le cose sembrano muoversi. Unico referente per il rilascio di
nulla osta al lavoro e al ricongiungimento familiare, lo sportello sta per
essere costituito e diventare operativo (con decreto del prefetto) in tutte
le città italiane. Fanno eccezione le Regioni a statuto speciale e le
province autonome di Trento e Bolzano, dove si aspetta l'emanazione di norme
ad hoc prima di far entrare in funzione questa nuova struttura
La circolare di Pisanu e Maroni
Nello Sportello, collocato in una sede della prefettura, lavoreranno fianco
a fianco un rappresentante della direzione provinciale del lavoro, uno della
questura e un altro della prefettura. I dettagli di funzionamento si
conosceranno solo nelle prossime settimane. La circolare, firmata dai
ministri Pisanu e Maroni lo scorso 13 maggio, per ora si limita a stabilire,
provincia per provincia, se il responsabile dello sportello andrà scelto tra
un funzionario della Prefettura o tra un dirigente della Direzione
provinciale del lavoro (Dpl). In tutte le maggiori città, ad ogni modo,
toccherà alla Dpl la responsabilità della struttura.

La consegna delle domande
Lo Sportello Unico si configura come una "struttura leggera di front
office". Riceverà le domande per l'assunzione dei lavoratori stranieri e per
il ricongiungimento familiare. Le domande (tutta la nuova modulistica è
reperibile sul sito del ministero dell'Interno dovranno
essere consegnate (spedendole per posta) allo Sportello, che le trasmetterà
a sua volta, per l'esame della pratica, alla Questura e alla Direzione
provinciale del lavoro.

Convocazione su appuntamento
"L'organizzazione della struttura e la composizione dello staff - spiega
Ernesta D'Alessio funzionario della prefettura romana - cambierà da città a
città. A Roma ad esempio sarà decisa dal dirigente della direzione generale
del lavoro di cui aspettiamo la nomina". L'obiettivo sembra essere comunque
quello di ridurre file ed attese. "Le domande per il ricongiungimento
familiare - continua D'Alessio - si invieranno per posta senza allegati.
Spetterà allo Sportello verificarle e convocare poi su appuntamento lo
straniero per la consegna di tutti i documenti necessari". Semplificazioni
sono previste anche per quanto riguarda il rinnovo dei permessi di
soggiorno. "Il contratto di soggiorno sarà spedito allo Sportello unico che
rilascerà una ricevuta con la quale si potrà andare in questura per il
rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno"


Prosegue l'organizzazione dei viaggi di conoscenza in Etiopia. Come vi
avevamo preannunziato in occasione dell'ultima newsletter stiamo prevedendo
partenze e tragitti differenziati in modo da soddisfare esigenze differenti
sia in termini di date che di costi. La data
della prima partenza è venerdì 5 agosto con 14 agosto, la seconda va dal 12
al 21 agosto e la terza infine dal 19 al 28 agosto. Per maggiori
informazioni scrivete una email a: segreteria at indicando
nell'oggetto "VIAGGIO IN ETIOPIA" e, molto importante, l'eventuale data di

Sì, due libri sull'America di recente pubblicazione. Due punti di vista
piuttosto differenti provenienti da autorevoli pensatori come Chalmer
Johnson e Samuel P. Huntington. In realtà, il secondo è largamente noto per
aver teorizzato la possibilità di un eventuale scontro di civiltà tra
l'Occidente, l'area sino-confuciana e l'Islam. I due libri che vi
presentiamo sono particolarmente utili proprio perché offrono due
prospettive assai diverse dell'"Impero Americano". Il volume di Chalmer
Johnson il cui titolo significativamente è "Le lacrime dell'impero" cerca di
ricostruire l'espansione del sistema militare americano tanto in patria
quanto all'estero con un impressionante numero di basi militari disseminati
ormai in tutto il globo. La tesi di fondo di questo volume è che attualmente
nel USA si sta consumando una profonda trasformazione che rischia di
cambiare la stessa identità americana. Anche per Huntington e il suo "La
nuova America", sta cambiando l'identità americana ma non a causa
dell'estensione dell'apparato militare quanto a seguito delle sempre più
massicce ondate immigratorie, provenienti in particolare dalle nazioni
latino-americane: bilinguismo, multiculturalismo, diverse fedi religiose,
svalutazione del concetto di cittadinanza pongono, secondo quest'ultimo, una
sfida inedita particolarmente rischiosa.

HARARE, June 21 (Xinhuanet) -- The Zimbabwe Police have arrested 335
commercial sex workers and rounded up 161 illegal immigrants as part of an
operation to clean up lodges and flats in Harare.
Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Whisper Bondai was quoted on
Tuesday by the Herald as saying that the commercial sex workers and the
immigrants were nabbed mostly in the Avenues area, after police raided
lodges that had allegedly been turned into brothels.
"During the cleanup operation to restore order, we raided lodges and flats
in the Avenues area and arrested a total of 335 prostitutes and 161
immigrants," said Bondai.
The spokesman said the arrested immigrants had fake travel documents while
others failed to produce valid travel documents or permits.
The immigrants are from Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Algeria, Ghana and Liberia.
Bondai said people should not politicize the arrest of aliens since Zimbabwe
was a friendly country that was simply trying to maintain order.
"We are a friendly country and not enemies to the various countries that had
their citizens affected. What we are saying is that they should use the
proper channels when visiting Zimbabwe," he said.
The Avenues area, he added, was fast becoming a hotspot for criminals
engaged in illegal foreign currency transactions.


La rete "Diritti ora" e la CGIL-CISL-UIL hanno promosso e organizzato
un'assemblea pubblica per sabato 25 giugno nella città di Ancona presso il
Palazzo degli Anziani in Piazza Stracca a partire dalle ore 10. Con questa
assemblea, infatti, si intende fare il punto sulla questione del diritto di
voto ai cittadini stranieri a qualche settimana dall'approvazione della
delibera da parte del Consiglio Comunale della città capoluogo che prevede
la possibilità del voto degli immigrati alle prossime votazioni
amministrative per eleggere i Consigli di Circoscrizione.
Per info: segreteria at

Samedi dernier, les membres du G8 (les sept pays les plus riches de la
planete plus la Russie) ont décidé d'annuler la dette de 14 pays africains
(Bénin, Burkina Faso, Éthiopie, Ghana, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritanie,
Mozambique, Niger, l'Ouganda, Rwanda, Sénégal, Tanzanie, Zambie) ainsi que
celle de 4 pays latinos-americains (Bolivie, Guyane, Honduras, Nicaragua).
Cette mesure intervient car ces pays ont rempli les criteres definis par la
Banque Mondiale et le FMI en 1996, avec la mise en place de la catégorie
PPTE (Pays Pauvres Tres Endettes). 9 autres pays africains (Cameroun, Congo
Démocratique, Gambie, Guinée-Conakry, Guinée Bissau, Malawi, Sao Tomé,
Sierra Leone, Tchad) sont en voie d'achevement des criteres, et devraient
voir leur dette annulée dans les 12 ou 18 mois à venir. Les 55 milliards
d'euros que representent cette annulation seront compensés par les pays
riches aupres des instances prestatrices de prets, à savoir la Banque
Mondiale, le Fonds Monétaires International, et la Banque Africaine de
Bien que cette mesure marque evidemment une bouffée d'air pour les pays
concernés, elle n'est pas sans critiques. Ainsi les groupes pro-annulation
estiment que 62 pays de par le monde remplissent d'ores et déjà les
conditions pour voir leur dette annulée. Le Nigéria, pays le plus endetté en
Afrique, ne bénéficiera pas de la mesure, sans doute à cause de sa situation
pariculiere, etant un des premiers exportateurs mondiaux de pétrole. Ainsi,
certains pays riches estiment qu'une partie de la dette peut etre annulée, à
condition que Abuja couvre le reste avec les excédents provenants de la
manne petroliere.  De plus, cette annulation ne représente pas une source
d'argent en plus mais une sortie en moins, et ne garantie en rien une
meilleure situation demain. Enfin, outre le caractère exceptionnel et la
portée historique de l'accord, il ne faut pas oublier qu'en general, les
pays du tiers-monde ont déjà remboursé quatre fois leurs dettes, à cause des
taux d'intérets.


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