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 we´re a free cultural association of university students from Bologna without commercial targets. We receive weekly your bollettins by email, and we´ve thought to pubblish some selection of your news inside our web pages to this url: .
We don´t understand if the issue is copyleft or copyrights.... in this last case, we ask you how to get a permission or to remedy to our eventual infringement: We´ve always cited the source.. is it enough to respect the your copyright???
We invite you to see how is the issue in our web-site to check it.
Waiting your answers, best reguards,
Giacomo Todaro, presidente associazione Apertamente di Bologna (Italy)
& nbsp;
aderente all´International Students of History Ass.
Via zamboni 38, cap 40100, Bologna, Italia
E-mail: apertamente at
e-fax: +39.051.74531171

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